What Are The 4 H’s of SEO?

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What Are The 4 H’s of SEO?


We have now entered the month of July and that means it is time for county 4-H fairs! If you didn’t grow up in a 4-H family and don’t have the 4-H creed memorized by heart, the four “H’s” in 4-H stand for Head, Heart, Hands, and Health.  Let’s see how these four “H’s” can help your SEO.


Probably your best friend in SEO is your head.  Spend a few hours every month coming up with different ideas for your website with your team.  No website is perfect, it could always be improved.  Look at your competitors and see what updates they have made to their website.  Maybe your call to action needs to be a more noticeable or put in a different location? Use your head and come up with a list of ideas to improve your website.  Also use the time to come up with blog topic ideas and see what you could turn into a video, or longer content pieces like eBooks or White Papers.


Taking shortcuts is never a good idea.  Sure you could buy thousands of links and get a boost immediately in your rankings.  It may even work for a while, but deep down in your heart you know that eventually you are going to get caught, and you will.  Do you really think that can outsmart all the engineers working at Google?

Quick and easy is never the best way to go about SEO.  I like to compare white hat/black hat SEO to food (as I seem to do with a lot of analogies).  White Hat SEO is like going to your grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner.  It takes time to cook the turkey, make the noodles, and peel/mash the potatoes and won’t happen in a couple minutes.  The black hat method is like driving through your local fast food restaurant for Thanksgiving.  You’ll get your food quick and it will taste pretty good, but you’ll be hungry again in an hour.  I don’t know about you, but I’ll take my grandma’s food every time.


You got to get your hands dirty and do the work to have a success with SEO.  You cannot just sit back and expect it to happen.  SEO is hard work.  You won’t see results right away and you will make mistakes.  But if you have to go in and manually change all of your title tags, or add H1’s and H2’s, you got to do it.  SEO isn’t all fun and games at times, but the hard work has to be done to become successful.  Bust out those blogs you have been dreading for the last month and get into a habit of doing it more frequently.


Once you have used your head, heart and hands, you need to constantly check the health of your website.  Use your auditing software to check and see if there are any broken links, missing H1’s, or alt tags.  Sometimes it is those little things that are holding your website back from a top three ranking.  Use tools like Google Analytics to see how your visitors are interacting with your website and see where improvements could be made.

Be sure to take the time to implement the four “H’s” into your SEO strategy and you’ll see your investment pay off. Take the time to visit your 4-H county fair and look at all projects your local youth have worked on.  While you are there, enjoy a nice brat and elephant ear too!

Thomas Brodbeck

Thomas Brodbeck

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