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We’ve Been Pearsonified! (New SEJ Design)

It took a night of hard coding and testing today from the press room at Search Engine Strategies Chicago, but the new Search Engine Journal design has gone live and we’re currently hammering out the bugs and glitches. The new design is the masterful work of Chris Pearson, who is also behind the designs at SEObook and the Text Link Ad Link Building Blog.

Chris really came through with this project and the harsh deadlines which were thrown at him by yours truly, but after a hectic day on both our parts (me in Maryland then Chicago and Chris in ol’ Kentucky), phone calls, barking dogs and up & down Wifi – Chris pulled it all together and we were able to meet the target date of today, the first day of SES Chicago.

For this design, we went a bit lite with the 2.0 bells and whistles, and beefed up the journalistic approach to the new Search Engine Journal. Over the course of the week, more and more fixes will be made along with some new announcements about our contributors, sponsors and happenings here at Search Engine Strategies.

Please feel free to leave a comment below with your opinions on the new design, and any ideas or features you would like to see on the Journal.

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We’ve Been Pearsonified! (New SEJ Design)

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