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WebTrends Upgrades WebPosition 3.5 with SmartReports

WebTrends Upgrades WebPosition 3.5 with SmartReports

WebTrends Upgrades WebPosition 3.5 with SmartReports

WebTrends has upgraded WebPosition Gold 3 to WebPosition 3.5, which now offers a new wizard-based interface for reporting on keyword rankings, while offering more sophisticated and flexible reporting capabilities with its new Excel-based tool, WebPosition SmartReports. The upgrade is free for current WebPosition Gold 3 users.

The new Quick Start Reporter wizard streamlines the process of setting up and viewing search engine ranking reports, enabling users to understand how visible their sites are on the major search engines as well as what they can do to raise that visibility.

“These enhancements afford both beginner and advanced users the ability to dramatically accelerate their time to results,” said Jason Palmer, vice president of products, WebTrends. “By making it easier to execute, analyze and manage SEO efforts as part of a continuous process, WebPosition 3.5 will help more and more companies realize the full potential of their ability to secure higher natural search positions.”

For Professional edition users, WebPosition SmartReports allows users to create a centralized repository of all their SEO information in order to trend keyword rank over time or to merge it with bid cost or web analytics information to more easily determine the factors that impact ROI. Superior to a traditional Excel export, WebPosition SmartReports creates a relational database file (.mdb) formatted and designed for Excel, and includes an integrated toolbar that automatically updates reports and provides a wizard for data augmentation.

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