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Learn To Master Your Website – Even If You Don’t Speak Tech [Podcast]


Unlocking the Potential of Your Digital Presence: Expert Guidance for Non-Techies

No matter what your business specializes in, your website is often the first place potential clients and customers learn about your company. This means visitors can decide about your services within the first few seconds. So how do you hook them?

Fiona Allman-Treen, author of “Website Mastery for Business Owners Who Don’t Speak Tech,” joins me on the SEJShow and shows you the 3 key things your website needs to increase your website’s visibility, boost your business growth, and convert visitors to paying customers.

Get expert analysis based on Fiona’s best-selling book that will show you how to translate the tech-speak around website design and maintain ROI after your website launch’s initial excitement is over.

What attracted me to the internet in the first place was seeing that level playing field. It makes a one-man band can sound like an orchestra online, and that’s what I love. So it’s, it’s all about making that happen for people. – Fiona Allman, 01:31

I’ve always found it nice to just send a text every once in a while and send a follow-up because you never know when someone will leave and go somewhere else. It’s just good sportsmanship at the end of the day. Just, “Hey, how’s it going?” It’s checking in, you know, happy new year, whatever it may be. It doesn’t have to be cheesy, but it, it has  helped me personally retain or even bring clients back. Just having an open line of communication all the time. –Loren Baker, 20:21

[00:46] About Fiona.
[02:22] Keeping up with recent web design changes.
[03:12] Initial steps in defining a website strategy.
[06:11] Key elements for website visitor engagement.
[13:57] Significance of image selection in customer engagement.
[15:23] Strategies for customer satisfaction and preventing buyer’s remorse.
[15:56] Importance of post-purchase customer engagement.
[17:22] Balancing customer connection and salesmanship.
[19:42] Value of communication with returning customers.
[22:57] An insight into Fiona’s book “Website Mastery.”
[23:00] Advantages of print publishing over online writing.
[24:02] Networking advantages of a physical book.
[25:41] Using “Website Mastery” in client onboarding.
[26:20] Unexpected outcomes of book publishing.
[27:28] Reaction to book rejection at networking events.
[30:49] Advice for non-tech individuals on web design mastery.

Resources Mentioned:

Website Mastery Book:
Fat Promotions:

You can attract people to your website, but you’ve got that attraction piece if they don’t connect with what they see when they get there. You’ve got these visitors coming in with decent search engine listings. You’ll get that. But if they get there and they don’t connect with what they see, it’s not going to happen. – Fiona Allman, 06:11

I had one guy who bought a copy, and he put this glorious review on Amazon. He was so kind. And he said, “I read it in three days, and I have to work with you.” That’s it. As it turned out, we ended up going through all the different things that he wanted.–Fiona Allman, 26:56

You want those repeat customers. That’s where your engagement gold comes in. When you get those repeat customers, just show them you care. So really what you want to do is, as you say, keep them on the, on your love them up the list. Keep them in your email marketing. Give them regular newsletters, but keep people from pestering them. –Fiona Alman,15:56

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Connect With Fiona Allman-Treen:

Fiona Allman-Treen is the Director of FAT Promotions, a digital agency she founded in 2001 to help clients create compelling websites. Also known for her best-selling book ‘WEBSITE MASTERY,’ she is renowned for her expertise in strategic website design and online systems that drive sustainable growth for businesses and charities globally.

Before launching her web design agency, Fiona spent over a decade in graphic design and marketing. A passionate advocate for entrepreneurship and female empowerment, she founded the Affinity Business Initiative in 2019 to support local businesswomen. Away from work, Fiona’s interests include classic cars, red wine, and playing the ukulele.

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Learn To Master Your Website – Even If You Don’t Speak Tech [Podcast]

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