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WebPosition Gold 3 Launched by WebTrends

WebTrends, the web analytics unit of NetIQ Corporation, plans to launch version 3 of WebPosition Gold at the Search Engine Strategies Conference & Expo this week. WebPosition Gold 3 is the first major upgrade of WebPosition Gold in two years. According to WebTrends, WebPosition Gold 3 offers organizations solutions for managing the entire Search Engine Optimization (SEO) process: organizations can conduct keyword research through the integrated Wordtracker service, increase visibility and improve search engine positions with WebPosition Gold, and understand conversions and revenue from search engines with WebTrends® On Demand and software solutions.

“Today’s online marketers must judge the success of their search marketing campaigns based on cost, rankings and conversions,” said Fredrick Marckini, chief executive officer of search engine marketing firm iProspect. “Since both pay per click and organic search results can have a dramatic effect on an organization’s online visibility, as well as their web site’s return on investment, it’s important to research, optimize and analyze the entire SEO process. WebPosition Gold helps marketers perform each of these critical functions in a professional, effective way.”

The SEO market overall is dynamic and ever-changing, so to be successful and remain a step ahead of the competition, organizations must continuously research, analyze and optimize their search engine results. Offering built-in expertise and recommended actions through the continuously updated Page Critic module, WebPosition Gold allows businesses to understand how their sites perform for various keywords and what they can do to achieve higher search positions on each of the major search engines.

WebPosition Gold 3 features:

* Identify the optimal keywords and phrases through the Wordtracker Keywords module with over 50% more keywords than the version of the service available to the general public.
* Differentiate the performance of organic and paid search listings through detailed keyword ranking reports.
* Report on activity from more than double the number of global search engines than version 2 including shopping engines.
* More easily organize, manage and navigate through missions, reports and web pages in one place through a new, intuitive user interface.
* Analyze results from search engines and specific keywords all the way through to conversion, revenue and ROI through integration with WebTrends (requires separate purchase). Organizations can import keywords directly into WebPosition from WordTracker, WebTrends, META tags and saved keyword lists at the press of a button.


WebPosition Gold 3 is offered in two editions, Standard and Professional, to meet the needs of a range of users, from small business owners, to SEO professionals, to marketers or web developers within large enterprise organizations. In addition to all the enhancements included in the Standard edition, the Professional edition enables SEO consultants and large organizations to optimize an unlimited number of domains and to customize reports with their own logos.

A new WebPosition Platinum upgrade is available for users of both editions, providing support for additional search engines as well as three modules to manage META tags, eliminate broken links and defend web pages from competitive copying.

The Page Critic Service is a recommended monthly subscription, which continually monitors the SEO environment and provides real-time updates to respond to changes and keep organizations on the pulse of issues that may affect search position.

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WebPosition Gold 3 Launched by WebTrends

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