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WeblogsInc Earns Over $180,000 A Year From Google AdSense

WeblogsInc Earns Over $180,000 A Year From Google AdSense

WeblogsInc Earns Over $180,000 A Year From Google AdSense

News from the Google Analyst Day that Jason Calacanis’ Weblogsinc is bringing in over $600 USD per day in Adsense revenue and made $45,000 USD in its first 4 months with the program, which would put its yearly take from Adsense revenue alone to in excess of $180,000 per year based on this early figure, but with continued growth amongst the Weblogsinc sites and regular new additions to the network, we are guessing that the figure will be closer to $250,000 USD over 12 months.

From ” Weblogs Inc., described as the largest publisher of professional blogs, was offered as an example of how AdSense benfits online publishers. According to the slide, Weblogs is averaging $600 a day in AdSense revenue and made $45,000 in the first four months; the blogging company added AdSense in late August 2004″

This, coupled with strong private advertising sales for a number of the more high profile Weblogsinc properties, could well be propelling Weblogsinc towards the $1 million USD advertising revenue figure. The news follows recent reports that Gawker Media’s new blog Lifehacker recieved $75,000 for a 3 month exclusive advertising deal from Japanese electronics maker Sony.

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