Webinar Recap: Big Brands & #Reddit with Brent Csutoras

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Danielle Antosz
Danielle Antosz
Webinar Recap: Big Brands & #Reddit with Brent Csutoras

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Last week the SEJ Marketing ThinkTank was joined by Brent Csutoras, the Chief Social Media Strategist of SEJ and founder of Kairay Media. His presentation, titled “Big Brands and Reddit – Are You Missing Out?” discussed how brands are marketing successfully on one of the most fickle social media platforms out there.

If you think Reddit is useless as a marketing tool, or are just too wary to give it a try, you will want to catch the recap of this webinar.

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A Few Points From The Presentation:

Brent’s protestation covered quite a bit, including why brands should care about Reddit and which brands are finding success on the platform. Here are a few other main points he covered:

  • Redditors don’t hate marketers, they hate being marketed to
  • You have to design a campaign specifically for Reddit
  • For success, you have to take the time to actually get to know how the site works
  • For best results, always be engaging

Tools and Resources Brent Mentioned

Through out the presentation and Q&A session, Brent mentioned several tools and resources. Here are few audience members found helpful:

Watch the video of Brent’s Webinar Here:

View the Slides From His Presentation Here:

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