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Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: What You Need To Know

Measuring Marketing Effectiveness: What You Need To Know

Wednesday, September 28 at 2 pm ET


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How do you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns?

Have you ever felt that some marketing channels’ data seem to be located in “a void” – meaning it’s hard to discover their true impact?

Channels like connected TV, satellite radio, digital advertising, email, and social networks have made marketing campaign analysis a complex field for marketers.

But you can find valuable insights for your strategies – if you know where to look.

Luckily, you’ll uncover exactly where this hidden data lies in our upcoming webinar.

Join us as we dig in and learn how to discover and leverage each channel’s specific data to optimize your upcoming marketing campaigns.

This webinar’s key takeaways:

  • Many different measurement techniques you can implement today.
  • The pros and cons of each measurement technique.
  • How to select the correct measurement technique for your business and campaigns.

Shaubhik Ray, Senior Director of Digital Analytics at iQuanti, explains how you can improve your ability to predict the success of your marketing programs.

This webinar will help you gain clarity and move in the right direction with your campaigns.

Can’t attend the webinar? A recording will be available afterward. Register now!

Shaubhik Ray
Presented By

Shaubhik Ray

Senior Director of Digital Analytics, iQuanti
Heather Campbell
Moderated By

Heather Campbell

Director of Marketing, Search Engine Journal