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Beyond Silos: How Holistic B2B Digital Strategy Drives Pipeline

Wednesday, May 15 at 2 pm ET

Imagine you’re rowing crew. If even one person rows in the wrong direction, the boat turns in circles.

Your B2B go-to-market is the same way.

Join us to discover how to craft a compelling brand and PMF, as we walk through the critical infrastructure you need, and the reliances and dependences of the core digital marketing disciplines.

You’ll hear:

  • Why traditional marketing silos are doomed to fail (now more than ever).
  • How to identify your silos and plug your biggest leaks.
  • How to successfully integrate brand strategy, digital infrastructure, and pipeline generation.

With Ben Childs and Jordan Gibson, we’ll explore why having a cohesive brand, infrastructure, and pipeline generation effort are critical to success in your business.

If you’re wondering how to create a holistic strategy that avoids the pitfalls of silos and poor content while still driving revenue, then this webinar is for you.

Be sure to show up live to ask Ben and Jordan your questions in our live Q&A following the presentation.

Not able to attend that day? No problem. Register and we’ll send you a recording after the webinar.


Ben Childs

Ben Childs

President & Founder, Digital Reach Agency
Jordan Gibson

Jordan Gibson

Head of Growth, Digital Reach Agency


Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell

Director of Marketing at Search Engine Journal