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7 Key Metrics In Measuring Content Effectiveness

Wednesday, September 20 at 2 pm ET

Measuring content performance is the compass that guides successful digital marketing endeavors.

It provides invaluable insights into what resonates with your audience enabling you to refine strategies, optimize resources, and maximize ROI.

To do this successfully, you need to understand the metrics behind evaluating a successful customer journey.

Join Wayne Cichanski from iQuanti, along with iQuanti’s guest speakers Rachel Schardt and Rayan Nahas from Conductor, as he dives into 7 key metrics for measuring content effectiveness that often go overlooked.

You’ll learn:

  • The ways to measure your content’s relevancy & depth.
  • Engagement metrics you should be paying attention to.
  • How to match your key demographics & personas with your tone

You’ll also learn the ways to measure consumer demand for your content, and what your conversion rates can tell you about the quality of your content.

If you’re looking to serve up relevant and compelling content that engages your ideal audience, then this webinar is for you.

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Wayne Cichanski

Wayne Cichanski

Vice President of Search & Site Experience, iQuanti
Rachel Schardt

Rachel Schardt

Customer Success Manager & SEO Specialist, Conductor
Rayan Nahas

Rayan Nahas

VP, Channel Partnerships, Conductor


Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell

Director of Marketing, Search Engine Journal