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Waveboard Brings Google Wave to the Mac Desktop, iPhone App to Follow

If you’re one of the many who already received their Google Wave invites, you are probably exploring the new Google communication tool right now. Or you might be just like me, who occasionally visit to check if anything exciting has come up on my Google Wave account.  But like Twitter, logging to Google Wave via the web browser can become quite tedious. Fortunately, a new desktop client for Google Wave has just came out, and it’s called the Waveboard.

Screen shot 2009-10-19 at 9.05.43 PM

Waveboard is a Mac OS X desktop client that practically mimics the Google Wave environment on the web minus the use of the Safari, Firefox or Chromium browser.

Nothing fancy here actually. Just a straight out port of Google Wave as it appears on your web browser. It’s the same interface, the same content, and the same window as your Google Wave account as rendered on your web browser.

Of course, simple as it is, Waveboard is definitely a useful tool. It is a must-download if you are already into Google Wave.

In addition, to the Waveboard for Mac OS X 10.5+ , the software developers are also prepping up a Waveboard iPhone app. There is already a demo video for this app, so we suspect that it’s already up for approval from Apple. In the meantime you may want to watch the demo video and see for yourself whether the Waveboard iPhone app is promising at all.

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Waveboard Brings Google Wave to the Mac Desktop, iPhone App to Follow

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