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WARNING : Fake Google AdWords Phishing Campaign

If you get an email entitled You’r adds have stopped working! from, do not open it because it is not an email from Google AdWords.

The following phishing email is being circulated :

Dear Adwords Member,

We hereby inform you that on the 26th of March a email change request
has been submitted to Google. Due to our security settings you are required
to confirm or decline the validity of the request. To do so please visit
the link bellow.

Adwords Site

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Google Adwords Team

The word “AdWords Site” is linked to a false Google AdWords login page. If you are tricked and login in with private Adwords login data, your company’s security will be comprised.

The title “You’r adds have stopped working!” should be an indicator that this is a fake email, but it’s very easy to misread this, especially on a Smart Phone. More conversation on Twitter : Adwords+Phishing.

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WARNING : Fake Google AdWords Phishing Campaign

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