Want to See What’s in Timbuktu? Submit it to Google Trike

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We’re all familiar here with the Google Street View car, right? It’s that roving Google vehicle equipped with a satellite camera that drives around major U.S. cities to bring timely video footages via Google Maps Street View. Now, it has a little brother – the Google Street View Trike.

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The Google Street View trike aims to probe into various far-flung areas apparently unreachable by the Stree View car or even hard-to-reach areas in the U.S.  This bicycle based camera system feed video footages of streets which can’t be accessed by the Street View car. These areas could possibly include – campuses, memorial areas and more.

But then how could you see your area or campus or any other hang-out places on Google Maps Street View? Google just launched a new feature, no I mean a new vehicle to fulfill the task of taking video footages of  hard-to-reach places.

To get the place you want to be included in Google Maps Street View, all you have to do is to submit the area’s information to http://google.com/trike, and wait for the Google Street View Trike to arrive in front of your house, and flash your best smile.

Hurry because nominations for the places where Google will deploy its trike will end on October 28, 2009.

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  • Aha! Last night I was using Google maps to check out home prices in the Santa Monica and Venice Beach areas of California, routinely using the street view. At one point, I was looking at a house right on the Venice Beach “walk” and was quite surprised to be able to go into street view – it’s a pedestrian only area. I thought – this has to be that trike they came up with!

    And for the record, I swear that box on the back has GOT to be where they sell ice cream from, but nobody’s willing to admit or confirm that! 🙂

  • Google is everywhere. Sounds scary..

  • Google is everywhere. Sounds scary..