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Want a Google Wave Invite? Check Out eBay

Feel the urge to surf the Google Wave to the extent that you’d be willing to spend as much as $157 to get an invite? Believe it or not, some are bidding that much as proven by a food blogger who put up an auction for a Wave invite at eBay. (Reminds me of the GMail accounts being sold on eBay when GMail launched back in the day.)

According to WSJ Bits, food blogger Hagan Blount wanted to find out if the hype over Google Wave is enough to generate hits for an eBay auction so he put up the auction the day before Google released the 100,000 invites. And guess what? On the day of the Wave beta release, Blount’s Wave invite auction at eBay has already received 12,000 views.

Throughout the day of Wave invite release, the auction received 33 bids until a winning bid was finally reached at $157. The foodie blogger also received dozens of messages on his eBay inbox asking if his auction was for real. One bidder even offered to buy his “Wave invite” for $700 while another was apparently willing to buy it for $27,000 according to the WSJ.

A current search on eBay for “Google Wave” shows several invites still for sale. And who said that patience is a virtue?

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Want a Google Wave Invite? Check Out eBay

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