W3C PageRank 9 Links for Only $83 a Month!

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W3C PageRank 9 Links for Only $83 a Month!

For a donation of only $1,000 per year you too can be a supporter of the World Wide Web Consortium and have two links to your site, one on the PageRank 9 ranked W3C Supporters Page and the second at the Supporter Details page, PageRank 7.

Sure, supporters or sponsors pages predate even the World Wide Web and are alive and well in free local newspapers or event flyers, but in a world of search engine link spamming and ‘nofollow’ tag linking controversies, this bargain of a deal at W3C seems quite, well… priceless.

That is until Matt Cutts addresses the issue on his blog.

Until then, you too can join the likes of such relevant and trusted link sponsors as Save.TV Online Videorecorder, MySpace Layouts, Dubai Furnished Apartments and Online Casino Bluebook on the W3C Supporters page.

But seriously folks, this is chance to support the W3C and get some recognition in return, in this interesting fund raising tactic. More about the W3C Supporters Program:

W3C operations are primarily financed through Membership dues (see also information about W3C Membership). Through the W3C Supporters Program, we encourage Members and non-Members alike to make general contributions, both financial and of goods such as software and hardware, to help support W3C’s operations.

There are 85 Major Supporters to date, who more than likely all paid $1,000 to have the link included on the page. For you math hounds out there that adds up to $85,000 in support, and that’s before news of the program hit the search blogosphere today.

Some more details from Emad Fanous:

* The fees are annual
* They are also accepting donations like software and hardware. They will be putting up a wishlist
* It is a great deal for 2 links, pagerank 7 and 9
* The value of the link will be diminished the more links go up on that page (pagerank is calculated by giving weight to outgoing links based on the number of outgoing links from the originating page).
* With this information showing up all over the place (like here), Google is bound to find out about it and, when they’ve found sites that are selling links, have discounted those links
* It is an interesting way for the W3C to make money. I wonder if they intended this to happen or if this is just a side-effect of what they were trying to do. In any case, they provide good services and information and I hope it doesn’t harm them
* PR has been given less weight by Google but still carries some weight

In short, give for the right reasons…not to try to extract search engine (or more specifically, Google) benefit.

Note: Using the Text Link Ads Link Worth Calculator to find the TLA value of these links, the result was : More Than You Can Afford! Hey Patrick Gavin, it’s time to fix your calculator ’cause this is the cheapest bargain I’ve seen in ages!

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Brian Turner

    People really need to stop thinking in such black and white terms – in case no one had noticed, last October Google started paying much more attention to link patterns and networks.

    So, sure – invest $1k in a text link on such a page – but there’s no guarantee that it’ll actually provide the expected boost either now or in the future.

  • mrP

    This post just confirms that people like you should not be writing about SEO.

    Oh, and how much do you sell your links for?

    I better alert Matt Cutts to that.

  • Joeychgo

    The pr7 supporters details page jsut dropped to a PR6 – so the PR may not hold.

    I’ve thought about donating because I think W3C is a good outfit, and because I reference it from http://www.vbulletin-faq.com routinely.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    mrP, part of this post was my style of dry humor. Which I believe was addressed in this line “this is chance to support the W3C and get some recognition in return, in this interesting fund raising tactic.”

    Seems that the SEO community feels that the W3C supporters page will loose some of its power as it sells more links, and it would be a better idea to donate to W3C out of support than hoping to get a quick link.

  • ReadyCompanies

    PR9 for sale. very cheap

    should i donate or not?

    if i donate do i want a backlink?

    – even the Red Cross does not offer such backlinks !

  • Peter T.T.

    Very nice price for PR9 , but 100+ links on page, can google recognize it like linkfarm and dont count it at all? Thats queston.

  • Blas

    It’ a very good idea to trade PR since it’s 100% traffic, but i don’t think that Google will allow to do it.

  • business inc

    do they tell you in advance that the exclude bot

  • aRchItEKTUra

    All that PR trading really makes me sick… it’s a pitty there are not 4-5 “Googles” with competitive algos.

  • Emma S

    Well, sounds like they’ve addressed it now with nofollow.

  • Webmaster

    Yeah, it is great to get pr9 backlink for $1000, but i think that it is little expencive from page with more than 200 random links (it reduce value of pagerank).
    For couple hundered $ you can get strong links from PR6-7 websites. Just little effort.
    Also, try PHP communities. They all pr6 and higher, and they all accept donations (some of them with backlink)

  • admin www.reality-eu.com

    Google – PR9 for sale. very cheap – scifi

  • link exchange


    One side they say that dont buy links and in other way the charge in this way to keep links. what you think what is correct ?

  • Chris van Laack

    The W3 Link are for the trush ! Because in the Meta Tags is standing ” no follow ”

    So for the Google Update and Pr its not interesting !

  • Debt Consolidation

    Has anyone noticed that many of the w3c sponsors have pr7+. Tempting but $1000/yr? I’ll pass.

  • Nathan

    Google has started with the rel=”nofollow” and I think that can cause a great detriment to the people that want to be ranked.

    But I think that it is also a good step towards better quality, today ranking is all about knowing tricks, it should be all about the right content.

  • Xin Chern

    Wow! PR 9! I wish I had PR9 backlinks for my site. I heard many fellows says no-follow is useless. Why there are still lots donators on the pages? Wikipedia uses no-follow too. I am afraid search engine may still value these kind of no-follow backlinks.

  • MergeMedia

    humans can still click it.. and the world has the w3 to thank for most of the things most netziens take for granted. they deserve the support!

  • Gesangsunterricht Berlin

    I really don’t know if that can work….there are so many different opinions about rel=”nofollow”.. so is no-follow useless?

  • Web Developer Jobs

    For pure altruism and to say a big thanks to W3C for all their good work the $1000 may be worth it – that’s a personal call. But W3C are very clear in the application form – crawlers are instructed to ignore the links. The nofollow stands.

  • Shaun Anderson

    When i saw this for myself and done a bit of research i found this post quite quickly.

    $1,000 dollars for a nofollow link?. Er..no.

    Instead, why don’t you write an article and see if the W3C posts it on it’s (admittedly fluctuating) Press articles page – on some DCs a PR 9 Page?

    I wrote one here…


    Not sure about the PR or SERP benefit yet (the article was published a few months ago and W3C credited another article syndication participant – obviously a trusted one – so i just fired off an email explaining the origional source of the artical – and 3 months later, I got the credit – with a free link on PR 9 Page!


  • pensions adviser

    A lot of sites (including this one) are using the nofollow tag, but not all search engines are following it. Backlinks are still showing up on Yahoo and MSN at least.

  • cheap web hosting

    how will this affect the listing in MSN and yahoo though?

  • Schlagzeug

    it’s a interesting aspect with the nofollow tag… so we don’t know what really happens…..

  • Find A Lawyer

    I would suggest that those with speculative interest save a copy of the details page (http://www.w3.org/Consortium/sup?details=1) to see how many sites renew. πŸ™‚

  • Aukcje

    How i can buy this link on w3.org … how send money … please help

  • chris


    Even im in search of this kind of webpages. I heard that some organisations give us a backlink when we use to donate money for those organisations?

  • renier

    Thanks for all the advice in here πŸ™‚

    My question is : If i have a PR-0 and buy one PR-9 . How will that improve my PR


  • Kamin

    I would not try to boost a pr0 withe pr9


  • Bremer Stadtmusikanten Hoerspiel

    I think that system must look like a solid building: with a lot backlinks with a lower pr-rate and some with a higher….

  • Jamessy

    What next to exploit – and is this ethical? Sponsoring orghanisations is one thing, but in return for a makeshift link?

  • Mihaela Lica

    @Loren Baker, Editor – Loren, sarcasm is very easy not to be taken figuratively when written on paper – the rule goes online as well. πŸ™‚ But… I love your style (“part of this post was my style of dry humor”), so don’t worry. It’s OK to get pro and con comments. And people like you should definitely write about SEO!

  • Tanie linie lotnicze

    You have to some backlinks with low pr and some with high pr

  • kablumy kablumy

    Voila un site de ce concours aux normes W3C XHTML strict et CSS http://www.les-loulous-referenceur.com

  • Manuel Tuthill

    It an interesting idea but it seems that nofollow hasn’t done what what it thought it would. Wikipedia and others now marking legitimate links as nofollow to try and combat spam links which seems to hurt natrally high rated sites while the SEO guys still manage to spam thier way on high ranked blogs etc.

    I mean just look how many of the above comments are spam just to gain a crude link back to a site.

  • HDR

    PR9 would be nice. πŸ™‚

  • Kablumy

    the fund raising strategy is for me the most important thing to remember from that article

  • Kablumy

    and yeah, PR9 would be very very nice πŸ˜‰

  • Pozycjonowanie

    nice price for pr9:)

  • Madri Web Marketing

    Is still the “nofollow” tag active on W3c link? I think 1.000 $ for a Pr9 is a good deal !

  • BMW Gebrauchtwagen

    Well, the “nofollow”-Tag is still active. So I guess the link is almost worthless. At least for googles rankings.

  • Gartenfackel

    Even im in search of this kind of webpages. I heard that some organisations give us a backlink when we use to donate money for those organisations?

  • the Mutual Funds Man

    I don’t know what this noise is all about.
    First I don’t see any point of mentioning the PR of those pages. They have NOFOLLOW so their PR has no value for the links placed on them. Still, judging by the anchor text of some of the “supporters” I can colnclude that they have just missed that tiny detail (the nofollow attribute) and I almost feel sorry for them for paying $1000 for a link with no worth.
    The main thing here that people should pay attention to is the word “support”, not “PR9”. Pay $1000 to support W3C, not to get a useless link.

  • David

    Trading the Pagerank doesn’t really make sense, does it? If everyone has a high PR, the PR means nothing at all.
    But, the higher the PR, the more money you can probably earn with ads, for some sites it might be useful to ‘buy’ a higher PR to increase this.
    Googles algorithm isn’t really good, let’s see, how much longer it will last. The will improve it for sure in the nearer future to cut of this kind of thinks.

  • Market Pro Secure

    How often Google updates page rank?

  • Jeffrey Goos

    I dont pay so much money for a w3c Backlink,google will ignore this links now.

    Jeffrey Goos

  • Pendrive

    Very nice and helpful article. This is fantastic price for PR9! Thanks