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Vizio Goes for Google Over Yahoo

Vizio Goes for Google Over Yahoo

When looking at the success of the search engines, one can’t simply see how users are treating the platform. A major part of success for any group is how they partner with other companies. For the search engines in the modern era, this means more than web platform developers. As the device wars continue, companies must also make strong, tactical deals with manufacturers.

This isn’t a new concept, either. Yahoo, back in its days of prowess, was one of the first to combine its own internet widgets with the power of a manufacturer — in this case, Vizio. Given this, it’s somewhat sad for Yahoo, if perhaps unsurprising, that they’re being dropped by Vizio. According to a Zatz Not Funy report, Vizio is halting its Yahoo-powered widgets in favor of a partnership with Google.

This will be happening through Vizio’s Internet Apps, which will be seeing a strong push in 2011. Vizio Internet Apps is expected to produce Google TV alternatives to start, which may sound odd to some considering that Google TV has been called a “sinking ship” by some in the tech industry despite its early stage of development. Google TV, however, is healthier and more robust than rumors would have people believe, and upcoming shows at CES, as well as soon-in-coming OTA updates for existing Google TV products, is likely to prove that.

However, Vizio’s partnership with Google certainly doesn’t end there. Considering that Vizio is entering the mobile market — with handsets and tablets all in the expected lineup — Google is an ideal partner. Android already matches Apple tit-for-tat when it comes to cell phone users, and it’s the only real competitor making headway when it comes to the tablet wars. Whether dropping Yahoo to partner with Google is more a vote of confidence in Google TV or a way to get in with Android, however, is hard to say.

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Vizio Goes for Google Over Yahoo

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