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Vivisimo Takes Bite at eBay Search Listings

Vivisimo, developer of Internet clustering search technology that groups search results into instant categories, has taken on the super messy product listings on eBay.

eBay’s search engine mines the descriptions and categories that sellers attach to their wares. Vivisimo believes its search algorithm, which analyzes text in product descriptions and generates its own categories, produces more intuitive results.

For example, a query for “digital camera” on eBay yields a wide range of items, plus links to confine the search to the electronics, sports or consumer electronics category or a few subfields. The same search on Vivisimo clusters cameras by brand or functions.

From Vivisimo:

Our eBay Search Tool helps you easily navigate eBay’s extensive inventory to quickly find what you want. Search in a highly intuitive and personalized manner by clustering your results by:

* Auction titles and descriptions
* Price ranges (e.g under $5.00, under $10.00, under $20.00, $20-$40.00)
* Time Left (e.g. under 1 minute, under 5 minutes, under 10 minutes)
* Number of Bids on item

Just type a query and Vivísimo will send your request to the eBay search engine and cluster the search results.

It is not reported if Vivisimo is making a percentage on all eBay sales that originate from their search results, but chances are they are doing so. It only makes search sense.

Vivisimo’s eBay Search.

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Vivisimo Takes Bite at eBay Search Listings

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