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Vivisimo Launches Search Affiliate Network

Vivisimo Launches Search Affiliate Network

Vivisimo, the search and clustering software company and owner of search engine, has launched a search results and advertising distribution network called Vivisimo Affiliate Solutions. Vivisimo Affiliate Solutions is a combination of clustered search results and Sponsored Listings which provides web sites with a new revenue stream and a differentiated experience for their users. VAS includes a clustered search feed from Vivisimo’s Clusty engine to the affiliate’s Web site with Sponsored Listings from Vivisimo partners such as Ask Jeeves.

“Most Web sites and portals are seeking ways to differentiate themselves in a very competitive environment,” said Ed Brunins, senior director of Web Business Development for Vivisimo. “In a matter of days, Vivisimo can provide an Affiliate Solution with little if any up-front cost. The solution can turn existing Web traffic into a lucrative revenue stream, while simultaneously improving the user experience with clustered search results that match the site’s existing look and feel.”

The Vivisimo Affiliate Solutions program is tailored for small and medium-sized Web site owners. The clustered results feed combined with high-quality Sponsored Listings offers portal owners the opportunity to realize the revenue-generating potential of their sites, while providing users with a differentiated search experience. Clustered search results, powered by Vivisimo’s award-winning Clustering Engine, have been shown to increases click-through rates and page views by 30-100 percent. An increase in click-through rates and page views can increase site monetization and user affinity.

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Vivisimo Launches Search Affiliate Network

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