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Vivisimo Launches Clusty Japan Search Engine

Vivisimo Launches Clusty Japan Search Engine

In an effort to showcase its clustering search technology for the Japanese market, Vivísimo has launched (in Beta), a ‘public showcase of the company’s novel development of a Japanese-language Clustering Search Engine modeled on’. combines custom crawls of Japanese news sites, including Asahi, Nikkei, and Yomiuri and the Japanese Wikipedia, as well as offering metasearch results. The combined search results are clustered into topic folders that enable Japanese Web searchers to more effectively navigate results, uncover major themes and easily find lower-ranked, but highly relevant search results.

“The launch of heralds the availability of Vivísimo’s search and clustering products for Japanese Web properties, mobile services and enterprises,” said Vincent Thomas, senior director of business development for Asia-Pacific at Vivísimo. “This will lead to more productive search experiences for employees, customers and the broad consumer public.”

There was no sign of Vivisimo or at CNET Japan’s Search Conference the other week, but I’m hoping that they will make their presence known at upcoming Japan search engine gatherings.

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Vivisimo Launches Clusty Japan Search Engine

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