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You can spend a bunch of time prospecting for links, you can ask for links and you can even beg for links, but the most vital link building tip I can give is to CREATE GOOD STUFF. So you’re probably thinking to yourself right now, “What a punk, who does this guy think he is?” Well, hear me out. ‘Create good stuff’ might sound really crazy and simple, and guess what, it is! There is plenty of crap (excuse my French) out there that makes my point clear.

What is the STUFF I am talking about? Well anything that you put online really, your:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Content
  • Comments
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Emails
  • Tweets
  • Posts
  • Hopefully you get the point

Here is what I mean by creating good stuff to help you in your link building efforts:

DESIGN: Your STUFF must be decent looking. Don’t kid yourself with this one. Nobody will link to your website just because your content is amazing; it needs to look like you care a little bit.

CONTENT: Quality is much more important than quantity. The ‘new amazing tool that creates tons of web pages and blog posts automatically’ isn’t the answer to your problems.

EFFORT: People aren’t all stupid, most of us can tell if you gave at least some thought and effort into your STUFF. The reason why tons of people link to Search Engine Journal articles is because they know the content is solid and the writers care about their audience.

UNIQUENESS: Is your STUFF (as I put it) unique and exciting? Or is it just some rehashed stuff from last week or even a year ago?

ENERGY: Samuel Johnson said, “Genius is that energy which collects, combines, amplifies, and animates.” So put a little energy into the STUFF you create.

USEFUL: Don’t just give us your opinion or insights. Give us some steps, tips and strategies that we can implement now.

OPTIMIZED: It is a must to optimize your content so that people can find it. If a potential link friend can’t find your STUFF, then how are they ever going to link to it?

These are just some tips that I look for when linking to STUFF online and I can guarantee that I am not the only one. Of course, the above is not everything, but it is a great start. If we all followed these simple principles, then the internet would not be full of a lot of worthless junk and our link building would be that much easier.

Give me your thoughts below in the comments and let me know if I am crazy.

Garrett Pierson

Garrett Pierson

Garrett Pierson is Founder and President of New Generation Consulting, a consulting firm specializing in search engine optimization, social media, website conversion, and success. He... Read Full Bio
Garrett Pierson

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  • Great post – I completely agree. Crazy and simple it may be, but I think this really is worth repeating as often as possible. The point you make about usefulness especially – one of the (potentially) great things about Twitter/facebook etc is that they allow you to flesh out a business beyond its product and services, giving the opportunity to engage in a conversation with clients, and employees, so rather than just selling stuff, you can offer hints and tips, engage with feedback, offer opinions and experience.

  • Lucy,

    thanks for the kind words about the article, you have some great points as well!

  • Content is
    Great tips..brief and clear..thanks for your post..

  • Eyad

    How many times will you give this advice?!!!! I'm hearing it since 90s and we all know it. If you don't have serious link building tactics, Keep “make good stuff” tips for you. It is SUPER logical. What a waste of time reading that thing… SEJ is Ann Smarty… She is the real SEO!

  • Great tips, and post. Link building is essential for seo purposes. My tip to increase your Google pagerank, and backlinks is to only link to websites, or blogs with a high pagerank. This will give your website, or blog more authority in the search engines. It will increase your pagerank, traffic, and backlinks. Which will shoot you up the rankings in the search engines. Great post!

  • Nice one Garrett…Simple yet very useful. However can you elaborate more on the optimization point. Do you refer to SEO when you say optimized ?

  • Eyad

    Garrett, Why you didn't applied that “Make good stuff” tip on your website. I visited it. And, I can't find any good stuff. That's why You've a totaly of only 38 websites linking to your website. I wish people do things first before asking others to do. Enough of that repetitive posts. Even my grandmother know that “Make good stuff” link building tip. That's called LOGIC not SEO!

  • rasmusgi

    Simple stuff but so very true. Even a great story or a thought can be vital as link bait

  • anetteaaron

    We've all heard “content is king” It's worth reminding dailty – I do.

    Annette Aaron Eventfulls

  • Simple stuff but so very true. Even a great story or a thought can be vital as link bait

  • anetteaaron

    We've all heard “content is king” It's worth reminding dailty – I do.

    Annette Aaron Eventfulls