Viral Content Buzz Review (And Why I Love It)

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When I heard that there was a tool that would help my blog posts continue to “buzz” months after they have been posted (as opposed to the usual few days), why wouldn’t I check it out? Every blogger knows that not all of your posts can be a homerun. Sometimes, we write posts that are timely and fizzle in relevance, other posts are more general and specific to a certain website, but sometimes you write that post that’s perfect.

It’s timeless, everyone can use it, you wrote some of the cleverest sentences ever to hit the page, and quite frankly you don’t want the attention to end. Viral content buzz is a way to make sure that your homerun blogs posts continue to circle through social mediums time and time again.

How Viral Content Buzz Works

The very first thing that I find notable about the new tool: It’s free. This makes it easy for any small business or individual to get started. Gerald Weber of SEM-Group and Ann Smarty of My Blog Guest founded the tool, and these two are big time. They know what is needed in the online marketing and social media sphere, and so this tool emerged.

The tool essentially works by earning credits. The more you share other users content, the more credits you earn. The more credits you have, the more opportunities you have to get your content promoted through the tool. Some of the reasons that promoting your content through this tool include:

  • Quality Content. All content is manually reviewed by experts to make sure that it is quality. This means that the content you will be sharing to earn your credits is actually content that you want to share, which was something I was initially wondering.
  • Quality Accounts. All social accounts involved are real accounts. In other words, there are no bots and no inactive accounts sharing your content.
  • Targeted Dashboards. When you sign up for Viral Content Buzz, you will have a dashboard full of different categories. These categories will house the content that you can share, and the tool will only show you articles that are relevant to your followers. More about this in the next section.
  • Powerful Account Worth More. The more powerful account you have and the more powerful account that shares your content will factor into how many credits you spend and earn. If you have 1,000 Twitter followers, someone will have to pay you two credits to get you to share his/her content. If you want someone with 5,000 Twitter followers to share an article, it’ll cost you five credits.

As with any tool, it might seem overwhelming at first. However, the interface of Viral Content Buzz is actually quite easy to use and understand once you get going.

How to Get Started With Viral Content Buzz

The very first step to getting started is registering for your free account. Just head over to the website and type in a username and password. Once you activate your account by clicking on the link in an email you’ll receive, you’re set to go.

1. Add Your Accounts. First, you’ll want to add in the social media accounts you want to use while using the tool. You can do this by going to Settings > Social Accounts, then click “enable.

2. Dashboard Categories. Second, you’ll get to choose what types of topics you want to see in your dashboard. This will help you make sure you’re always seeing the most relevant content for your followers, thus making it easier for you to share and earn credits. Below is a screenshot of my dashboard:

You can see on the left hand side of the page many of the categories that the site has available. If you wanted to see only your categories or all of the categories, you just click the links on the bottom left.

3. Share Content. Third, it’s time to share content. As you can see in the screenshot above, there is a list of content that people have added, and it shows me how many credits I will earn if I share a given piece of content. Let’s say I want to share the second article. I can click on “Twitter” and this page will appear:

4. Publish Your Content. Fourth, you’ll want to add your own projects so that others can share them. All you have to do is click “Add Project” at the top of your screen and fill in the blanks. It’s easy to do and lets you know how many credits you have left so you’re always kept in the loop.

5. Other Features. There are other tabs you can click that will show you all of the projects you have added, your history, what’s in the queue, and places where you can change your settings.

At the moment, Viral Content Buzz only supports sharing on Facebook and Twitter, but according to a conversation I had with Gerald, this is expected to change in the very near future. The tool will soon support Google+, StumbleUpon, and Pinterest sharing. There will be emails sent to users each time a project is approved (remember, all projects are moderated for quality!), and the ability to see the authority of each social share that you earn.

Try it for yourself, and then let us know what you think in the comments below! Just visit to get started.

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