Vine Launches New Version Of Website, New Features Include Vine TV, Playlists And More

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Twitter’s Vine video sharing service, primarily used via a mobile app, has updated the desktop version of its website with a new look and a host of new features.

According to their announcement, the redesign is meant to give Vine users a way to view and discover new videos on their computer:

Up until now, the primary way to watch, share and discover Vine videos has been on your phone. We’ve heard from the Vine community that you sometimes want to explore Vine and view videos on your computer too. Today, we’re excited to introduce a brand-new version of, which adds a bunch of new features that will help you find and discover Vine videos on the web.

The new features include a lot of what you’re already used to seeing on the mobile app. You’re greeted with a huge search bar on the home page, where you can search for people, tags, and locations, among other things.

Also on the home page is a sidebar full of channels and trending videos to dive into. In addition, there are new sections that feature hand-curated content.

Users have the option to watch any feed in TV Mode, which is a large window that plays a continuous stream of videos. If you’re new to Vine, or just don’t feel like logging in at the moment, the new website is completely public. This means you’re not required to have an account or be logged in to watch videos.

This update is a considerable step forward in enhancing the desktop Vine experience and making the service accessible to new users. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch some Vine TV.

Matt Southern

Matt Southern

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  • Barbara McKinney

    Thumbs up for Vine team. This feature is what exactly we are waiting. I’m so excited to try this soon. Thanks for the update Matt!

  • Amy Richards

    Vine is doing fine and dandy, there going big and i think fresh plan & great technique. Incredible item!

  • Arun Kallarackal

    That’s something interesting for the users of the site. Well, it is the desktop version that has got the facelift! ūüôā The new features added to it are also set to rock!

    Vine TV? That sounds exciting! Then there are more updates to be checked out.

    Thanks for the update! I found the link to this article on Kingged.