Vine & Instagram Have A New Short Video Competitor

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Two days ago Brianna Wills wrote a great post talking about how Vine videos are a great way to market your eCommerce business. Today, I’d like to add an additional tool to your tool belt. Once Vine was released, Instagram saw the opportunity and released their version. It was different in that the video can be 15 seconds, instead of the 6.5 seconds that Vine offers.

YouTube has now entered the short video scene and released their own version. It’s called MixBit and it’s available on iOS devices.

When you make a video, it can be up to 16 seconds. Is it possible that the market wants longer video time? For Vine and Instagram users, this app is quite different in some regards. Here are some of those differences:

  1. Everything is anonymous – there are no usernames and no commenting available. (Will most likely come down the road.)
  2. You can edit the videos from within the app.
  3. You can share your videos on social networks.
  4. You can string together up to 256 clips into an hour long video. (videos of others and ones you own).

I’m excited to begin using MixBit on my iPhone. At the end of the summer, I’ll put together a bunch of the clips that my wife and I made during the summer. It will be like a wrap up of summer 2013. I think there are many applications for this. What do you think of MixBit? Will you use it for your business?

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. In his spare time, you can find him updating his own blog.
Adam Morgan
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  • Travis Bliffen

    Adam, nice write up. I think that being backed by YouTube and reaching out the the Apple fanatics this particular video platform has the potential to dominate the short video market. I am interested to see what features they will be adding to it over the coming year.

  • Thomas Smith

    This should definitely be an interesting app. I would have thought that making videos too long would disinterest viewers though? I know 16 seconds isn’t particularly long but when compared to Vine’s video length I’m a bit dubious as to how long people can concentrate on something for…

  • Riza

    Seconds longer isn’t such a big deal. But if it was minutes against seconds, then that would be another story.

    Consumers are not that impatient to be critical about it. I personally think it will all boil down to the content. If the content’s great, people wouldn’t mind a few seconds longer.

    Thanks for the info about MixBit though. Heard about it from you first.

  • Thomas Smith

    I understand what you’re saying Riza, I’m still stuck on Vine though and even some Vine’s take too long for my liking. It must just be my attention span.

  • Sonal Saraswat

    Hi Adam,
    Nice article. I think this vedio platform dominate all the competitors of vedio market.The features are also good , they catch the attention of consumer.