Vine Videos Are A New Way of Marketing Your eCommerce Business

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New Way of Marketing Your eCommerce Business – Vine Videos

Since its inception, the Vine application has grasped the attention of various people worldwide as this mobile application enables them to record six second videos that can be shared on different social networks like Twitter, Facebook and more. In just 6 months, this application has grown to 13 million users. Various eCommerce merchants see the value in Vine. Today, you will find various eCommerce businesses that are using Vine videos for their eCommerce business for different purposes.

Users of this app can easily shoot very short clips and edit those clips together, in order to create effective animation videos. Across the world, various businessmen understand that Vine videos that can help them to promote their products and services on the web. Here, you can find why eCommerce businesses are using vine videos for their eCommerce business.

Endorse New Products

Now, it becomes easily possible to promote your new product on the web through vine videos. You can market your new products among your customers and get huge response from them as vine videos are helpful to promote your products and services. You just need to create six-second video by which you can attract your customers towards your new product.

In this given vine video, you can see that Gap has introduced its new product line for special summer season. Through this vine video, the company is promoting its new clothing line and grabbing the attention of lots of people globally.

Attract Customers through showing Your Skills

Using Vine videos, you can also attract customers on your website and stay connected with them. Believe me, when I first heard about this application, I was asking myself  how it would be possible for big brands to attract more customers through six seconds videos. There are various brands that are utilizing Vine videos efficiently to attract more and more customers on their website. Showing different products in context can boost conversions on your site.

Make sure to opt for creative clips that generate demand. Techno Gym does this by creating creative a six second vine video that contains 6 different exercises that fits the attention span of the social media user. In six seconds’ video, Techno Gym includes its 6 different exercises that are effective. This video can ignite various people to join their gym to get slim and trim body fat:

Share How To Tips & Demos

One of the best things you can do through vine videos is share how to use tips and demos of your products, as it will help your customers get  information about your products. On the web, you will find numerous companies that have started providing a series of videos that offer tips. Barcardi has shared how to videos with their customers that is a perfect for providing their customers information about their products. In this video, they are showing users how to prepare a perfect drink by adding different ingredients. This video gives their customers an insight into their various products that are obtainable and how to use them.

Take a Tour of Inside Your Business

Vine videos are also effective to use to take a tour of inside your business that you can show your customers. By providing a behind the scenes look of your business, employees, and working area to your customers, you can win their trust. Most people trust other people rather than brands. By using vine, you can put a human face on your business and win your customers’ trust. Marc Jacobs, the most popular fashion designer, shot a vine video of his employees sporting their personal clothing styles.

Offer a Contest

eCommerce retailers can also create content for their customers on Vine. By creating an exciting and creative contest for their customers, they can promote their business worldwide.

Urban Outfitters has teamed up with Converse to introduce a contest that offers a cross-country trip for the best vine that documents “a day in the life of your Converse sneakers.” Both the companies have invited their fans to submit a vine videos and tweet it using hashtag “”#yourchucks.”

Closing Thoughts

These six-second videos have proved to be just as effective as any commercial. Today, any eCommerce businessman can create creative vine videos of their products and business to attract more customers to their website. Make sure to create exceptional vine videos!

Brianna Wills

Brianna Wills

Hello, I’m Brianna Wills, I am working with a leading eCommerce Development Company ‘Perception System’ as an eCommerce developer. I am very interested in writing blogs on eCommerce topic and its related strategies that you can find on my own personal blog (EDS). Connect with me on google +.
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  • Lee Keadle

    I’ve never heard of Vine videos but will certainly check it out. In my real estate business, this would be a great way to market a home because out of town buyers want to see as many photos as possible. A video would also do a better job of showing the floor plan/layout compared to photos.

  • Alpesh Brahmbhatt

    Hi Brianna

    Nice post! Vine videos is the best marketing process and this way is unique and better for promotion, in video factors…

  • Riza

    Timely article!

    This is especially true today where people are busier.

    The shorter the clip, the more chances of the video”s whole idea to be grasped by those who watched. Six seconds will also compel marketers to deliver direct, to the point, and relevant story or message to their audience.

    Riza, contributor

  • Michael I

    Vine videos are currently underrated and many people should really start to look at them closely as they are one of the few marketing tools, right up there with a press release, that are of extreme value. As many are already aware, keeping your clips short is key, people do not have time in the day for reading, or long clips.

    Excellent article Brianna, thank you.


  • trizha

    Just by reading the title of this article from my email, a marketing idea comes into my mind . Thanks!

  • Jennifier

    Vine videos are really a very good source for marketing because it allows to create a very short stop motion six second videos and we can also keep together all the video clips to display a story. Most of the users like to watch short videos so it becomes popular and in vine videos we can show our new launched product, our work, our customers’ views etc…