Video Plug-in for Google Talk

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Video Plug-in for Google Talk

Google Talk, Google’s messaging and VOIP application, is now Video enabled with a new plug-in from Festoon. Using the video plug-in, Google Talk users can now see who they are talking to, in real time. Festoon, which also has the most popular video plug-in for Skype with more than 2.75 million downloads, allows Google Talk users to talk to and see each other, play games, share pictures, or conducting business.

“We are redefining the video experience for the digital lifestyle with unparalleled group communications and personalization,” said Santa Cruz Networks CEO Itzik Cohen. “Festoon’s overwhelming success has proven we’re right on target, as the user base grows daily on a viral basis with no marketing. Like cell phone ringtones, Festoon’s ‘EyeCandy’ enables users to uniquely express themselves with immersive video effects as they talk.”

By installing the Festoon Google Talk Video Plug-in, Google Talk users can securely conduct video voice calls in groups from 2 to 200 and share photos, spreadsheets, presentations, or applications with others on a call. Festoon offers high-quality group voice utilizing the industry leading GIPS audio codec used also by Google Talk, Skype, and AIM Triton. Festoon’s Video plug-ins are advertiser supported.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • DoctorV

    Finally, the answer to knock the socks of MSN Messenger!!!

  • Steph Meslin-Weber

    Shame there’s no plans (according to their forums) for Linux or Mac availability… guess they use lots of windows-specific stuff 🙁

  • ashraf

    fun progress no any commands

  • ashraf

    no any commands

  • ashraf

    Finally, the answer to knock the socks of MSN Messenger!!!

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  • Tools

    as a service member in Iraq, this makes being away from home a lot easier. thanks

  • foo

    Shame there’s no plans linux +1

  • steaprok

    festoon link takes me to adsense site????

  • Kenneth Spicer

    It’s vaporware!
    The link goes to a spam site.
    Whoever wrote this piece is a fool or a stooge for Festoon.

  • KPR

    What bullshit about Festoon! The plugin is about 2MB and incorporates technology from Vidyo which is basically an implementation of a new streaming video standard called the H.264/SVC standard.

  • rAM


  • Nige

    on a Mac, you can use the built-in iChat with your google talk account to video conference. It works a treat, you can even use the special effects like on photo booth.

    I found that if we had gmail open with the chat component enabled, then iChat couldn’t do video. Simply quit ichat and the browser, then restart iChat. Bobs is your uncle!

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  • mohammed rashid

    i want to talk

  • oki

    use chat through gmail in your browser, it supports both mac and pc and has an optional video chat plugin that works very well. i use it to talk to mac users using my pc.

  • WILL

    Um, is it only me, but I am being taken to a stupid website and downloading noting 🙁

  • Mohamed Ameen

    google talk is good but i hope to find the best .that is google talk.

  • medha

    google talk is best service.00