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Video Blog Network Launches

Video Blog Network Launches

ReelBlogs today announced the launch of the ReelBlogs video blog network. Blogs on the ReelBlogs network will produce short-form video content made specifically for Internet and video podcasting audiences.

“There is a rapidly growing demand for good video content online, but no one is producing it yet,” said Robert Spiro, one of the founders of ReelBlogs. “ReelBlogs will use the self-publishing model of blogs to distribute exciting new video serials.”

Each blog on the ReelBlogs network will host a unique video series with recurring characters and compelling story lines. The blogs will publish several ‘Eps’ (1-3 minute video segments) each week, and will also include regularly updated text and pictures. ReelBlogs will be available on the web, via RSS feeds to video aggregators, and as video Podcasts for the new video iPod. In the future, ReelBlogs will be available on cell-phones and PDAs.

At launch, the ReelBlogs network will consist of 3 blogs: Bath Tub Yoga (launches today), Human-Dignity (launches Nov. 14), and Help My Patients (launches Nov. 21). The network will expand to include 15-20 blogs by early 2006.

Duncan Riley is the Editor of Blog Herald and one of the founding members of the b5media Blog Network.

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Video Blog Network Launches

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