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ValueClick Buys Fastclick Internet Advertising Network

ValueClick Buys Fastclick Internet Advertising Network

According to Clickz – the deal is done. Skip below to take a pulse and see what people around the forums have to say about the ValueClick – FastClick deal. I didn’t know FastClick was right across the street from Commission Junction. How convenient! I can see CPA and CPM and CPC and CPL and all kinds of online marketing “C”s living happily together all in the same neighborhood.

ValueClick to Buy Fastclick “The addition of Fastclick should give our ValueClick Media division the industry’s largest reach into Internet users,” said ValueClick chairman and CEO James Zarley. “We expect a straightforward integration of Fastclick – headquartered across the street from our Commission Junction office in Santa Barbara – to quickly realize operating synergies… Best known as the largest player in affiliate marketing, ValueClick has grown through a long string of acquisitions into areas including search, e-mail marketing and comparison shopping. It has made more than 11 acquisitions since 2000, including the purchase of BeFree in 2002, followed by Commission Junction in 2003 and in 2004. In June 2005, ValueClick bought E-Babylon and Web Clients, and it recently suggested there would be more acquisitions in the near future.”

The buzz is just starting. Here’s a couple forum threads. I’ll come back to add more if I find anything interesting. SitePoint thread, comments. Come discuss the value of ValueClick’s latest conquest, in the 5 Star Forums.

Linda Buquet, president of 5 Star Affiliate is an Affiliate Management Consultant that represents a select group of high paying, high integrity affiliate programs. The 5 Star site also features all the best affiliate blogs and SEO news, as well as a friendly Internet marketing forum..

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ValueClick Buys Fastclick Internet Advertising Network

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