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Utilizing All the Features of Google Adsense

Utilizing All the Features of Google Adsense

Many website owners know that Google’s Adsense program is a great way to show targeted ads on your site and make money at the same time. Google offers many features that you may not
know about. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Colors: With built in color palettes, you can use Google’s or create up to 100 of your own. You can pick up to four palettes that randomly rotate on your site.

Channels: If you use Adsense on multiple sites, it’s nice to know which page and domains are generating the most click thrus. Channels offer detailed reporting so you can assign separate channels to
each of your domains, track different ad formats to see which sites/ads are pulling better.

You can use up to 50 channels and you can deactivate them at will. If you use descriptive names in your titles, you can easily recognize what you were tracking when you check your stats later on. You will have to generate specific code to paste onto your pages.

Ad Formats: Google offers many different ad formats in various sizes, from buttons to banners. To view all of the available sizes, see You’ll want to experiment with different formats to see which ones generate the best click through rates for you.

Image Ads: Don’t forget about image ads, which are offered in four major formats:

Leaderboard 728X90
Banner 468X60
Med Rectangle 300X250
Skyscraper 120X600

You can opt to show a combination of image and text ads, but not image ads alone. You can also choose to display image ads only on some pages of your site and not all of them. Again, you’ll want to test to see if graphic ads outperform standard text ads.

Public Service Ads: If Google doesn’t have targeted ads to display on your site, they’ll show PSA’s (Public Service Ads). To avoid this you can set up your own “alternate ads” to appear in their place. By showing your own ads you can still generate an income instead of donating the space to charity.

Reports: Google offers many different reports you can download in CSV format in which you can then import into any spreadsheet program for further analysis.

For more information see Google’s new updated FAQ page at

As you can see, Google offers a variety of features for AdSense users to make their service work best for your website. Isn’t it time you took a closer look?

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Utilizing All the Features of Google Adsense

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