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Garnering almost one billion users, there’s no denying that Facebook is huge. Considered as the social networking giant, it has over 500 million active users, with 50 percent of it logging in on a daily basis.

In addition, these users spend over 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month, share 30 billion pieces of content, which include links, news stories, blog posts, photo albums and notes. That’s why ignoring numbers as big as those is not an option for online marketers anymore. However, it is important to know how you can use this social networking site to your own advantage.

Knowing Your Audience

For an average Facebook user, this online platform can be used as a tool to catch up with long lost friends. What they didn’t know is that it can be used to turn messages and profile in actual results. The first thing you need to know is your audience.

Although Facebook started as a college network connection, the social media site now houses more than 900 million users. This makes the site a platform with the most diverse demographic spectrum.

According to KISSmetrics, Facebook’s largest user segment falls into the 35-54 age range. Its fastest growing user segment, on the other hand, is over 55. This only means that the social networking site can serve as a great marketing tool to reach your market, regardless of how old your prospect audiences are.

Choosing Your Facebook Marketing Tool

Facebook has three marketing tools that you can use for marketing purposes. Each tool has its own purpose, and it can be combined for greater reach.


A Facebook Page is the same as profile, although it is designed for businesses, organizations and public figures. It can be ‘liked’ by anyone, and it doesn’t have the same restrictions as the profile when it comes to number of friends or fans that it can have. The good thing about Facebook Pages is that it’s free.


Facebook Groups, on the other hand, is similar to discussion forums, but with additional features the same with what Pages have like the Wall. You can create a group related to your industry, and it also comes for free.


If you are willing to shell out some money, you can also use Facebook Ads to promote your brand. This feature may be expensive, but it can let you create ads that are targeted to a specific demography.


Whatever Facebook tool you may choose, what’s important is that you study the nook and cranny of this social media first. That way, you’ll know how you can use this platform to your advantage.


Source: Facebook Marketing Official Page

Aki Libo-on
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  • Social media marketing

    Thanks Maricris for this great brief insight. Using Facebook for marketing purposes is a long-known thing for brands and businesses. Nonetheless, very few of them really know how to do it correctly. They struggle finding their own identity, they don’t know how to develop a successful social media (Facebook strategy) and they don’t know how to work with their potential customers (current Fans on their Facebook Pages). Once I struggled as well as many people today struggle. You are mention in your article the use of marketing tools. However, not how you can further analyze them. I’m currently using AnalyticsPRO from Socialbakers and it had helped me significantly. I was able to use sophisticated metrics and meaningful insights for Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Identify key influencers, monitor engagement and track growth. In addition and maybe most importantly (at least it had been most important for me), it makes it easy to spy on your competitors and to benchmark performance against industry standards and regional norms. It just helped me with my social media identity very much.

    • Maricris Libo-on

      Thanks for that insightful comments. It’s also good idea that social media marketers will use third-party tools to help them organize their campaign, as well as analyze their insights. Nevertheless, it’s important that you know the in and out of Facebook before your dive into Facebook Marketing.

    • Aki Libo-on

      This is one great comment you have here. Indeed, it is not enough that you have the tools to boost your brand’s social media presence. You also need to know how you can analyze it so that you can see whether your strategy is bringing in favorable result or not. And it’s nice to know that there re available tools to help us do just that.