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Use Twitter To Build Your Amazon Wishlist By Using This Hashtag

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This week Twitter took another step towards facilitating consumer purchases through tweets by introducing the #AmazonWishlist hashtag.

The new hashtag is integrated with Amazon’s wishlist-making tool, allowing Twitter uses to add items to their list by including that hashtag in a tweet.

In order to use the hashtag you must link your Amazon and Twitter accounts together. If you’re not sure how, Amazon will prompt you to do it after going to this link.

Once your account are linked then you can start adding items to your wish list. To do that, just reply to tweets that include an Amazon product link with the hashtag #AmazonWishlist. The item will then be added to your wish list and you will receive a confirmation from the company’s @MyAmazon account.

This is the second time Twitter and Amazon have teamed up to help make the Amazon shopping experience more convenient for Twitter users. In May, they introduced the #AmazonCart hashtag that you can use to add items found on Twitter directly to your shopping cart.

You can’t quite go as far as to make Amazon purchases directly on Twitter, but that could be their next hashtag. However, Twitter recently introduced a feature allowing shoppers to buy products from other companies through Twitter with the ‘Buy’ button.

Twitter is clearly heavily invested in social shopping, but how many more purchases are being made as a result of these new features? I’d like to see some data on that.

SEJ STAFF Matt G. Southern Senior News Writer at Search Engine Journal

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Use Twitter To Build Your Amazon Wishlist By Using This Hashtag

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