Achieve High Rankings by Using Your Existing PageRank as Leverage

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With all of the controversy regarding PageRank sculpting and nofollow links, we can sometimes forget that your internal linking strategy should be keyword-driven.

Use your content to your advantage. Pick out specific high-priority keywords and link to the appropriate pages. If your number one keyword phrase is “link architecture” and you have a page on your website that carries a PageRank of three, use the term link architecture in the first paragraph and link it to the appropriate page.

Step One: Determine your most important keyword phrase. I use tools like Word Tracker, SEM Rush and Google AdWords External Keyword Tool.

Screenshot from Google AdWords External Keyword Tool

Step Two: Write a great page of content. Give useful advice and facts formatted in an easily, readable way. Use bullets and bolded text where appropriate. Don’t worry too much about keyword density. When I was at SMX Advanced, someone asked what’s the right keyword density? The answer from the panel – yes! Make sure the keyword phrase is on the page where appropriate and don’t worry more than that.

Step Three: Use the SeoQuake SeoBar with Yahoo Site Explorer to determine what pages on your website carry PageRank.

Screenshot from Yahoo Site Explorer with SeoQuake SeoBar turned on

Step Four: Once you have determined what pages carry PageRank, review each individual page to determine if the term “link architecture” would fit in the first paragraph somewhere. Please do not make it fit, look for a natural opening. Once you’ve found a place for the phrase, link it to your new page using an absolute link, not a relative link.

Result: You will have a better chance of ranking for your highest priority keyword by using your existing PageRank as leverage.

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  • Ed

    I have been using this setup for years and it has yielded great results! Nice post Kandi!

  • Alex Juel

    You can also use the Top Pages tool from the SEOmoz labs section to find high authority pages on your site. You have to be a pro member to use it though.

  • CPA Arbitrage Review

    Thanks a lot for this post !

  • Kandi Humpf

    Ed – Thanks for the support! I always get that little twinge that says this may start some controversy but I really appreciate your support.

    Alex Juel – Thanks for the advice!

    CPA Arbitrage Review – You’re welcome!

  • our globe

    An informative post… Thank you for the share.

  • Alan Bleiweiss

    Great advise Kandi – I’ve been doing some of this for a long time, but hadn’t really taken advantage of it to this level.

  • Kandi Humpf

    Thanks Alan, I really appreciate the comment! I follow you on Twitter and love hearing your opinions on things.

  • Lola Durt

    Hey! Where’s SEOPivot? I’ve came across it recently and found it quite useful for increasing page rank in Google by internal linking..

  • Kandi Humpf

    Hi Lola,
    Due to this article, the SeoQuake team sent me an invite for SEOPivot. I’m going to test it out and see how it works. I’ll let you know my results.

    The only catch is the severe limitations on the free version: only five results per query, only 10 requests per day and no export to Excel/csv options.

    After the free version, the next step up is $12.39 for one day or $148.39 for 30 days.

  • India

    Nice article. 🙂

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    Thanks for the article.

  • Cindy

    True, good advise


    nice post Alan..
    thanks for your sharing…

  • Paging Systems

    Thanks for the tips. Something for me to try out.

  • Paging Systems

    I will be doing this right away, trouble is I dont have a PR page on the site yet, any more tips?

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    i new about SEO, but i am doing what you told to us. thanks

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    I am in the same situation. Anymore info how to improve my page. Just starting out.

  • Barb

    I have tried 4 times to thank you for this post, but since you keep rejecting my comment, I take it all back.

  • Kandi Humpf

    Hi Barb,
    Actually I don’t have a way to approve or reject comments. I’m sorry you experienced difficulty using the website. I hope the article was helpful to you anyways.

  • Kandi Humpf

    Paging Systems, Internet Business Marketing and Alternative Energy News –

    The best way to gain PageRank is to have great, factual content that is formatted in a way that appeals to your visitors. Use your analytics to determine which pages on your website have a high bounce rate and do some A/B testing. Also, links, links, links. Incoming links from quality, corresponding websites is helpful. Use the right anchor text as well.

  • Jim Morris


    This is just the kind of tidbit that most people tend to overlook cuz it’s right underneath their nose (and you reminded me that I can recycle my pagerank). ;o)

    It’s almost like the tendency for people to forget to harvest keywords from the weblogs/analytics of their site once they begin developing traffic to their site.

    I notice that you use all three of my favorite sources (that are part of my keyword service) and you listed them all in the order I use them. ;o)

  • Brian Jones

    What a great article, thx for the tip

  • Deadly Deal man

    Love the article – Thanks – going to try it out.

  • I83 Blog

    Thanks for outlining the steps. I had been wondering how to find ways to strengthen my internal pages.

    It seems to me the biggest issue regarding PRs is developing the specific page’s PageRank.

    It is far much more common to see the home page get a PR than it is for an internal page to get a PR.

    Your tip on using SEO Quake and Yahoo Site Explorer provided me with a valuable insight on how to sculpt my internal pages not only for PR purposes but also for search result purposes as well.

  • Kandi Humpf

    Jim – Thanks for the great feedback!

    Brian and Deadly Deal Man – thank you!

    I83 Blog – Thank you so much for your feedback. I’m glad that my experiences can help you!

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    SEM Rush says this about your blog:

    SE Traffic price $63.9k per month

    Any truth to that?

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    Very helpful indeed !

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    Great stuff. Thanks. I will be reworking my site with this information.

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    A very informative and enlightening article! Thank you for posting this, Kandi! 🙂

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    Excellent tactics! Thank you for this useful advice.
    -Rick Woolsey

  • easy money

    I believe that by using your content we’ll get advantage. As usual is pick out a specific high-priority keywords (HPK) and link to the appropriate pages. By this, we will enjoy traffic.

    But, I have no idea about your link architecture.

  • afndlkjas

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    Thanks for the advice. I will be using that for my sites with higher Page rank. How fast will I notice the results??