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Directory Listing Updates : Keep Your Details

Directory Listing Updates : Keep Your Details

Jessica Bowman, Director of SEO for, has been updating core directory listings over the past week and lends some good advice on keeping track of SEO directed directory listings and link building information, which future SEO’s at your current company will cherish you for.

Frustrations like you can’t imagine begin to emerge when you have to change legacy directory listings. Back in the day when directories started, most companies didn’t think to keep this information readily available for the future and it left when the original submitter left the company. I’m facing it right this very minute.

On her blog SEM In-House, Jessica tells a story of how reaching some new employees and contacts have helped her take care of some problems with updating old listings, but lends this advice:

To other In-house SEO’s… take my advice, Log EVERYTHING and always pass it on. And when someone leaves, be sure you get any submission information.   Here’s what they needed to verify us immediately:

  • Full name and Company name registered to the account
  • URL registered to the account
  • Phone number on the account
  • Last four digits of the Credit Card on record for the account

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