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Updates to Bing App Create a Better Search Experience for iPhone Users

Version 6.6 of the Bing app for iOS rolled out this week, which brings with it a number of improvements that are designed to create a better search experience. The new experience starts right on the homepage, where you can swipe either left or right to enter camera or voice mode quickly.

Also new to the homepage is a Music shortcut, highlighting the app’s ability to now search for songs and display subtitles while playing music videos. Another thing that’s new to all video searches in general is that previews will now start playing automatically. Don’t worry, the previews will automatically play with the sound off until you decide to expand the video into full view.

Shopping searches have also gotten an upgrade, as the new Bing app for iOS allows you to compare prices across multiple stores when shopping online. The new feature also integrates with the barcode scanner released in one of the previous Bing app updates. With the barcode scanner you can scan products while you’re shopping, then compare prices across the web, to make sure you’re getting the best deal available.

Camera searches have gotten a slight upgrade, as it now supports flash, zoom, and font facing cameras. Local search has been tweaked slightly, allowing users to select a new region by tapping directly on the map. There’s also a more intuitive interface for multiple tabs.

The updated Bing App is available today on the US iPhone App Store.

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Updates to Bing App Create a Better Search Experience for iPhone Users

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