Google Encouraging Business Owners to Keep Knowledge Graph Info Up-to-Date

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When was the last time you checked if the Knowledge Graph information for your business up-to-date? Next time you conduct a Google search you may be reminded to give it a once over.

SEJ reader Dan Leveille sent in a tip today informing us that Google is proactively encouraging searchers to keep their business information current.

If you’re signed in with a Google account that’s associated with a Google My Business page, you may see an alert similar to the one below:


Leveille adds:

“Other than asking developers to include social profile data, this seems like the first time Google is proactively asking business owners to directly suggest edits to their Knowledge Graph info.”

To the best of my knowledge that observation is accurate, which is a certainly a benefit to business owners who may be oblivious to such things.

In addition, Leveille discovered an updated help document, which describes Google’s criteria for being considered an “official representative of an entity in the Knowledge Graph.

In order to request a change to a Knowledge Graph card, you have to:

  • Own an online presence that represents the entity in the Knowledge Graph card.
  • Ensure that an online presence — such as a website, YouTube channel, or Google+ page — is included in the Knowledge Graph card.
  • Be signed in to the Google account which owns that online presence.

Once a change has been suggested it is subject to be reviewed by Google, which will then update the Knowledge Graph card after confirming the accuracy of the suggested change.

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All screenshots taken by Dan Leveille on 08/02/16

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  • That’s really smart step not only for google but also for business owners. google vertical search and knowledge graph is becoming smart enough to provide value for search. However this can impact a little in CTR as searcher may get desired information in SERP itself but still its good for business to have content rich results.

  • Siri Innovations

    It was absolutely real encouragement given by the Google for business owners to update their profile in the search engines sites. By this visitors know about the owner profile and learn more about him which helps increases the business.