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Update : Blogging Prize Now Over $10,000 in Search Marketing Services

This is a friendly reminder that the Search Engine Journal Guest Blogging Competition is still running and SingleFeed, the shopping search feed optimization company, has upped their sponsorship offering to a 6 month free subscription for SingleFeed’s Data Feed Management and Optimization service; a $1,074 value!!

SingleFeed‘s enhanced sponsorship puts the final prize tally at over $10,000 :

  • $1,000 in Blog Reviews &; Links from
  • 6 month free subscription for SingleFeed‘s Data Feed Management and Optimization service : $1,074 value
  • $500 in free advertising from Text Link Ads
  • 6 Month Free Subscription for Adapt Paid Search Management Software (a $1,194 value)
  • One Year Subscription to Keyword Discovery (a $599 value)
  • $500 from Pepperjam Search
  • 3 months free at SEOBook (a $300 value)
  • SEO Audit & Site Makeover from Search Engine Journal Services (a $5000+ value)
  • Submittals of up to 4 sites to Aviva Directory Network (a $400+ value)

All contributors will benefit from this competition via :

  • Exposure of your expertise to the Search Marketing industry
  • Exposure of your company : We will add a bi-line an link to your company at the bottom of your post.
  • Long term benefit as these posts will be indexed in search engines and housed on our authority site.
  • Exposure to our RSS subscriber base of 15,000+
  • All Entrants Will Receive a $100 VIP Coupon for!
  • And so much more.

If you are a webmaster, SEO, or online marketing manager; motivate yourself and your staff to enter this competition with a guest post on a search marketing related subject.

How to Enter the SEJ Guest Blog Post Competition

1. Submit your original tutorial, guest post or article via emailing it to (yes, you can submit multiple posts)
2. Include a 75×75 image of the author (or send a link to your Facebook or another profile with a pic)
3. SEJ staff will review these articles, edit them (if needed), then post them on the blog over a 2 week
4. Judging of the articles will be a multi-tier process looking at social media voting, reader voting, traffic of the individual posts and links to the posts. The voting will be measured 2 weeks after the initial publishing date.

So, we essentially give the responsibility of the voting to the readers :

SEJ user voting at post level + Stumbles + Comments + Sphinns + Diggs + Unique Users + Page Views (Google Analytics) + Mixx Votes + Incoming Links (as measured by Yahoo) = Final Tally

We do not encourage contributors to game the social media voting systems, please let the users of those systems vote for the stories. You can of course promote your posts to friends using IM, Twitter, Facebook, your own blog … etc.

5. Grand Prize will be assigned to the post with the highest final tally as voted upon. We will be transparent about reporting these votes and will rank all of the guest blog posts when we make our final announcement. The Grand Prize will be announced on 5/19/08.

More information on the SEJ Guest Blogging Competition and How to Enter.

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Update : Blogging Prize Now Over $10,000 in Search Marketing Services

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