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Understanding Topical Trust Flow: An Interview with Dixon Jones

Murray Newlands interviews Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO about topical trust flow and how it helps people.

As part of our coverage from the Share 14 conference in San Francisco, I caught up with Dixon Jones from Majestic SEO to discuss topical trust flow and get a better understanding of what that is and how it helps people find what they’re looking for online.

In the video below, Dixon explains that topical trust flow is a way of connecting the dots between different websites based on their relevance and correlation to each other. He says this type of data is used by SEOs to figure out where influence exists within a specific niche and how different pages are related to one another:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • According to Dixon, Majestic SEO is one of the largest web indexes online, collecting data on over 700 billion pages a day.
  • In the interview, Dixon explains what topical trust flow is and how Majestic collects data to gain a better understanding of the relationships between websites. He says when Majestic crawls the web, it opts to keep data on the ways in which websites link to each other, rather than on-page data. This enables Majestic to gain a deep understanding of groups of sites and how influential those sites are within their given niche.
  • Dixon explains this in-depth understanding of the web and the links between specific sites is used largely within the search industry to better understand where influence exists, however, there are growing possibilities of how this data can be used since the technology is fairly new.
  • Jones says the most interesting way topical trust flow is being utilized is in regards Twitter profiles and claims it can be used to discern influence and connections between different pages and users.

For more video interviews, please visit SEJ’s YouTube page.

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Understanding Topical Trust Flow: An Interview with Dixon Jones

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