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UnderGoos – Google Underwear Parody

UnderGoos – Google Underwear Parody

Someone over at Search Guild has a lot of spare time on their hands and a questionable sense of humor. Enough to build a site called UnderGoos – a Google April Fools parody. Well, I covered the Cre8asite Forums Sale, so I might as well cover this foolery. Besides offering scenes of UnderGoos for modeling purposes, they also offer a nice little Sergey dress up doll complete with nipple ring. The people at Booble would be proud.

About UnderGoos : Maximise your comfort and user experience with UnderGoos. Our staff aren’t shy, even Sergey’s been trying out both the mens and ladies ranges. Google has spotted a chance to bring our unique innovation to yet another underserved market.

Just like our original motto “Just search”, everything we do at UnderGoos is “Just pants” (yes, we know that’s not strictly true but it’s an ethos thing). All of our underwear was carefully selected using PageRank(TM) (a uniquely democratic measure of how attractive Larry finds the model wearing them).

UnderGoos unique solutions help to organize the world’s sock drawers

Ever wondered why you always get an odd sock out of the wash? So have we but have you ever wondered why nobody sells odd socks to make up the set? We did. At UnderGoos you can buy our unique “Odd Socks” (available in packets of two) to solve problems such as this.

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UnderGoos – Google Underwear Parody

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