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Umdum Web Directory Acquired by Aviva

The Umdum Web Directory, previously owned by Search Engine Journal Pubishing, has been acquired by Jeff Behrendt, owner of the Aviva Directory.

Jeff Behrendt adds “I’m a strong believer that directories must provide more value than just a link and I will be working hard to drive traffic from Umdum and provide additional resources of value on Umdum.

I had a lot of fun launching Umdum and managing the directory for almost two years. We received a lot of link love and awesome coverage when we launched Umdum, and it really introduced me to the world of web directories. Not only was it an interesting project, but it also proved to me how much of a part of link building directories still are.

The demands of running three or four projects at once however, crept up on us and I figured that it was time to let go of Umdum, move on and looked to a proven entrepreneur in the web directory world.

I have full trust that Jeff will continue to build the reputation of Umdum as a quality web directory, especially given his work with Aviva Directory. He has the time and drive to forge Umdum into a major player in the link building world, and I’m excited to see what changes he makes to the site.

Thanks to all of you who submitted or covered Umdum over the past couple of years!

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Umdum Web Directory Acquired by Aviva

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