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In a time when more and more search toolbars and browser based web surfing enhancers are stirring up the controversy of secretly placing themselves on computers (Parasites) serving popup advertising (AdWare) and collecting personal information (SpyWare), one searching and surfing enhancer, UCmore, has done the opposite. UCmore has cleaned up their act and answered the privacy questions about their UCmore Toolbar which has sparkled their image among privacy groups.

After the launch of UCmore XP, the company began to position their search toolbar as clean, no spyware, no popup ads… contrary to much of their quasi-competition of Alexa, Claria’s Gator, and other search engine toolbars. Shortly following Andrew Clover’s Doxdesk removed UCmore from their listings as a parasite and spyware. According to an endorsement of UCmore by Andrew Clover

“I am happy to state that UCmore XP: (1) is not installed by underhanded methods, and as such is not a ‘Parasite’ (unsolicited commercial software). (2) Does not leak trackable user information, and as such does not meet any reasonable definition of SPYWARE.”

Lavasoft, the renowned Internet security and provacy firm and a anti-spyware/adware vigilate, has removed the new version of UCmore from their product’s reference file as of January 3, 2004.

More on UCmore Toolbar

The UCmore toolbar is a download which helps to optimize your searching experience by suggesting relevant sites to your search queries and the sites that you currently surf. Unlike other toolbars which jumble links together in a confusing fashion, UCmore categorizes the relevant links in a non-obtrusive browser add on.

So, if you’re on a search engine news site, UCmore would suggest different relevant categories such as “Search News” “Internet Marketing” “Search Engines” “Search Engine Optimization”… etc. When you click on the category listing, a drop down box lists about 10 of the most relevant sites to the one you’re on. You can then flip through the “pages” of site listings.

Here’s an example:

Or, if you’re searching for a site on a search engine, UCmore will also suggest relevant categories and sites which fit your search query.

Other Internet Explorer browser tools and other companies should follow suit. Between lawsuits, Internet user education, and anti-spyware/adware downloads targeting browser add-ons, the best direction is to come clean and deliver a good product without such questionable practices.

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UCmore Search Engine Tool Cleans Up Image

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