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UCmore Categorizes the Internet and Makes Searching Simpler

UCmore is a search content and web surf technology company that offers two updated search tools, the UCmore Toolbar and UCmore Search.

UCmore Toolbar

The UCmore toolbar is a download which helps to optimize your searching experience by suggesting relevant sites to your search queries and the sites that you currently surf. Unlike other toolbars which jumble links together in a confusing fashion, UCmore categorizes the relevant links in a non-obtrusive browser add on.

Seen above, UCmore utilizes limited browser space to list relevant categories of similar sites for Once a category is clicked, UCmore suggests up to 56 relevant sites using its drop down tab solution. For downloading information, visit the UCmore toolbar information page.

UCmore Search

In addition to its toolbar relevant search technology, UCmore also offers a new search engine that uniquely sifts through contextual search query categories- UCmore Search.

UCmore examines search queries and determines which real-world concepts are linked to it. It then shows useful sites and resources, organized by concept. Here’s a search for “playstation 2”:

The first category from the left is selected by default, and the search results page initially shows sites from that category.

If the user selects another category, say “Cheats and Hints”, UCmore search delivers new targeted results for Playstation 2 codes and tricks through its categorical sifter without reloading the page:

Unlike other search engines which have directory based options (Google, Yahoo), UCmore does not require countless searches and page reloading.

It’s definately a new option for web searching and surfing.

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UCmore Categorizes the Internet and Makes Searching Simpler

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