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Twitter’s New Insights Tool Shows the Best Time to Publish Tweets

Twitter’s New Insights Tool Shows the Best Time to Publish Tweets

Twitter has launched a new insights tool which determines the best day and time to publish tweets based on user engagement.

The new ‘Timing is Everything’ tool took months to build, the company says, and is part of a greater effort to provide users with more actionable data.

Timing is Everything is narrowly focused on video tweets specifically. It displays historical data showing when audiences are on Twitter watching and engaging with video.

Data provided by Timing is Everything highlights the best times to Tweet video content in order to maximize engagement, conversation, and viewership.

The tool doesn’t show when a user’s followers are watching videos. It’s an aggregate, meaning it shows when all users are generally watching any video.

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After determining the most opportune times to publish content, tweets can be scheduled directly from the Insights page.

With that said, Twitter still advises users to publish content throughout the day, regardless of what the data says.

“We encourage publishers to continue to post throughout the day in order to maximize reach; however, consider including posting during the most engaging times of the day and week as part of that strategy.”

Users can get started with Timing is Everything by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Analytics dropdown menu within Media Studio and select Insights.
  • View the graph to understand when users are online and engaging with content.
  • Experiment with tweets, or scheduled tweets, during the times of day that have the highest engagement.

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