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Twitter Will Stop Supporting its Mac App in March 2018

Twitter will soon drop support for its Twitter for Mac desktop app, suggesting instead that Mac users should use the web client.

The app has been pulled from the Mac App Store, and those who currently have Twitter for Mac can remain using it until mid-March.

Officially ending its run on the Mac App Store with a one-and-a-half star rating, it’s safe to say the app wasn’t exactly beloved. What Twitter for Mac lacked, users inevitably found in third party apps.

Twitter is aware of the competition its own app faced from third parties, and has even gone as far as to acquire them in some cases. TweetDeck is one such example of a rival app that ended up being owned by Twitter.

It’s possible that Twitter decided to sunset the Mac app rather than get it up to speed with other offerings. After all, the reason why it’s not “consistent across all platforms” is because it has been virtually abandoned.

TweetDeck for Mac is still available, but you may notice that Twitter didn’t even recommend it as an alternative. Coupled with the fact it hasn’t been updated since 2015, one can’t help but wonder if it too will hit the chopping block.

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Twitter Will Stop Supporting its Mac App in March 2018

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