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4 New Twitter Updates Including Video Replies & More

Twitter introduces new features such as video reactions, a new way to compose tweets, and more.

twitter reaction videos

Four updates have rolled out to Twitter this week, which include new ways to react to tweets, new ways to compose tweets, and more.

Many of these features are in the testing stage, though if they prove to be successful they will likely be rolled out more widely.

The new features include:

  • Tweet reaction videos
  • A new composer bar
  • A topics tag bar
  • An easier way to share Twitter Communities with others

Here’s more about each of these features.

1. Tweet Reaction Videos

Twitter is testing tweet reaction videos on iOS.

Officially referred to as “Tweet Takes,” these reactions can be used as an alternatives to quote tweeting.

The feature feels like it’s directly inspired by TikTok’s video replies, which function the exact same way.

Tweet Takes are rolling out on iOS in a test that gives users the option to create a video or photo when quoting a tweet.

Traditional quote tweets are still available as an option as well.

Sam Haveson, a member of the Twitter product team, shares an example of a Tweet Take as a reply to the announcement of Tweet Takes.

If you’re part of the test group, you’ll see the option to “Quote Tweet with reaction” after tapping the Retweet icon.

Twitter isn’t the first or only social media platform to copy TikTok’s video replies.

Last month, Instagram started allowing users to reply to comments on posts through Reels (which is a TikTok clone in and of itself).

Time will tell if this feature catches on, or if it goes the way of Twitter’s short-lived Fleets.

2. New Tweet Composer Bar

Twitter is rolling out another test on iOS that makes it easier to Tweet by giving you easy in-line access with a new composer bar.

The new tweet composer bar appears directly above the bottom navigation menu and replaces the big, blue button with the plus-sign that was previously used to compose tweets.

Twitter User Researcher Cody Elam says this is being tested based on feedback the company has heard from users:

“From our research, many people tell us that “it’s hard to Tweet.” One of the problems we hear is that the mechanics of Tweeting make it difficult to get started as a new user.”

Elam goes on to say that when new users sign up it’s not immediately obvious how to begin tweeting.

The blue button isn’t familiar to everyone, so Twitter is testing something more universally recognized like a text box.

If the new composer bar gets more people tweeting then this change will likely be rolled out more widely.

3. Topics Tag Bar

As spotted by Matt Navarra, Twitter is working on a topics tag bar on iOS.

Presumably, this will allow people to jump directly to topics that interest them most.

4. Share Communities With Followers

Twitter is introducing a way to share communities with followers on iOS in effort to get more people to join them.

Navigate to the community page in the Twitter app and tap the share. From there you can share it with a wider audience or invite individuals directly.

Featured Image: Screenshot from, January 2022.

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4 New Twitter Updates Including Video Replies & More

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