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Twitter Updates TweetDeck With Support for GIFs, Threads, and More

Twitter is rolling out several updates to TweetDeck that include support for features it has been lacking.

TweetDeck is finally catching up to the desktop version of Twitter with support for GIFs, polls, emojis, threads, and image tagging.

These new features were added after TweetDeck polled users on which new features they’d most like to see added.

A day later, every feature in the poll was added to TweetDeck and then some.

As mentioned in the tweet, this is just a test for now so it may take some time before everyone gets access to the new features.

TweetDeck giveth and TweetDeck taketh away

TweetDeck has removed the ability to schedule tweets in the updated tweet composer.

You could revert back to the old composer to schedule tweets, but then you would not be able to utilize the new features that were added.

The notice says scheduling tweets is “not yet” available, which indicates it will be available at some point in the future. Most likely after the features have been fully tested.

Although, if the sporadic updates to TweetDeck are anything to go by, it could take some time for the issue with scheduled tweets to be resolved.

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Twitter Updates TweetDeck With Support for GIFs, Threads, and More

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