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Twitter Updates: Improvements To Managing Blocked Accounts, Reporting Harassment, And Adding Filters To Photos

Twitter announced several updates to its service today that will all be appreciated for entirely different reasons.

One update aims to protect users from abuse, the other relates to blocking accounts, and finally Twitter had made itself more Instagram-like when it comes to adding filters to photos.

Making It Easier To Report Harassment

Twitter wants to make its social network safer by making it easier for users to report abuse and harassment. Now users can report abusive content and flag accounts for review on their mobile device. The changes also extend to people who witness abuse happening on Twitter but aren’t being directly harassed.

Twitter also said some “behind-the-scenes” improvements have been made to improve how quickly they are able to respond to reports of abuse, but didn’t go into anymore detail than that.

Changes To “Block”

If you’re a habitual blocker, or just want to be reminded of who you have blocked in the past, you’ll now be able to see an entire list of accounts you have blocked.

There’s a new blocked accounts page accessible from the settings menu which will show you a list of all the poor souls who no longer have the pleasure of reading your tweets. More controls and features will be added to this page in the next few months.

Not only will blocked accounts not be able to follow you and view your tweets, but now they will not even be able to view your profile

These two updates will be rolled out to everyone in the coming weeks.

Improved Photo Filters

An update that’s available right now to all Twitter users on iPhone and Android is an improvement to the way photo filters are being handled.

Twitter introduced photo filters two years ago, but they were always somewhat cumbersome to use compared to how easy they are to use on other apps like Instagram and Snapchat.

Now the filter system is more user-friendly, allowing you to swipe tap through on various filters to see how they will enhance your photo. You can also double-tap to adjust the intensity of the filters.

This improvement is nothing groundbreaking, in fact it’s almost identical to Intagram’s user interface, but at least it’s an improvement over what Twitter already had.

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Twitter Updates: Improvements To Managing Blocked Accounts, Reporting Harassment, And Adding Filters To Photos

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