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Twitter Shares Tips on Best Tweet Copy For Announcing a Product Launch

Twitter is back with more tips on writing effective tweets, this time with a focus on announcing new products.

Last month, Twitter’s Joe Wadlington shared tips in a video demonstrating the difference between good and bad tweet copy.

Wadlington recently published a similar video about good and bad tweet copy from the perspective of a business sharing news about a product launch.

Here’s the example provided of the “bad” tweet copy:

Example of “bad” tweet copy

These were highlighted as areas of improvement in the above tweet:

  • Too long: With a tweet this long you run the risk of users losing interest before they finish reading.
  • Redundant emojis: Using a calendar emoji in a tweet about a calendar is unnecessary and repetitive.
  • Filler words: Words like “very,” and other types of filler words, can be removed to shorten the length of the tweet.
Edits made to the bad tweet copy

Based on Wadlington’s recommendations, here’s what a more effective tweet would look like.

More effective tweet copy

The following changes were made in the example above:

  • The length of the tweet was significantly shortened.
  • A line break was added where text was removed, making the tweet easier to read.
  • The calendar emoji was replaced with a confetti emoji.
  • A clear call-to-action is used at the end.

See the full video below:

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Twitter Shares Tips on Best Tweet Copy For Announcing a Product Launch

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