Twitter SEO: 4 Simple Tips to Help Your Twitter Profile Rank

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Twitter SEO can help you take one more step towards owning your online reputation.

When people think of Twitter, they don’t usually think of it as a SEO or reputation management tool. Yet, when optimized correctly, a Twitter profile is yet one more URL that anyone can get to rank for their name.

Here are 4 simple Twitter SEO tips to help your profile rank:

1. Optimize your title tag.

    Your Twitter title tag will be this formula: <Actual Name> (Username) on Twitter

    The key point here is my name. My actual name is written in my Twitter profile as ‘Matt Leonard’, so that’s how it appears in my title tag. I do not call myself ‘MJ Leonard’, ‘MattLeonard’ or ‘Matt_Leonard’. It’s very important to remember that if you’d like to rank for your name, just as with any form of SEO, use the correct anchor text. In this case, it’s your name.

    You can fix this by logging into your Twitter account and clicking ‘Settings’. From there, change your ‘Name’. Do not change your ‘Username’.

    2. Optimize your meta description.

      Let me clarify, first, that meta description is not a true Google ranking factor. It does, however, insure that people get the impression you’d like them to have and help CTR, which is a ranking factor.

      What you may not realize, is that your Twitter ‘bio’, is actually your meta description. When I realized this, my ‘bio’ quickly changed from some fun-loving comments about cheeseburgers and chocolate to the more professional description you see above (which in no way infers that I will not give out even more tips in exchange for junk food).

      If you’d like to optimize this even more, talk about yourself in the 3rd person in your Twitter ‘bio’. You can get your name bolded in the meta description by doing so. I personally try to only talk about myself in the 1st person.

      You can fix this by logging into your Twitter account and clicking ‘Settings’. From there, change your ‘One Line Bio’.

      Note: Google will sometimes include your ‘Location’ in the snippet. So, depending on how seriously you take this, putting your location as ‘Planet Earth’ may not be as funny as you once thought.

      3. Build ‘followers’, links and PageRank.

        Twitter will internally link your ‘followers’ to your profile. Higher PageRank ‘followers’ can give your page a boost as well. As always, you’ll pick up outside links naturally if you tweet high quality content just as you would with conventional SEO.

        Note: If you don’t already, the 3 links referenced above are all SEO greats to follow….

        4. Link to your Twitter profile using your name as anchor text every now and then.

          Don’t just link to your blog. Throw in a link every so often pointed to your Twitter profile and share the wealth.

          Have you ever experimented with different ways to rank your Twitter profile? If so, what did you do and why? On a lighter note, are you as impressed with Yahoo Site Explorer as I am for picking out 3 great Tweeps in the above screenshot? Please share your Twitter SEO experiences in the ‘Comments’ below.

          Matt Leonard currently directs SEO, SEM and Revenue Management for Cruise Critic, the world’s largest cruise site and part of the Trip Advisor Media Group. You can follow Matt Leonard on Twitter to keep up with his updates.

          Matt Leonard
          Matt Leonard currently directs SEO, SEM and Revenue Management for Cruise Critic, the world’s largest cruise site and part of the Trip Advisor Media Group. You can follow Matt Leonard on Twitter to keep up with his updates. Feel free to ask about his latest charity project, ‘Tweet for the Cure’, to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure. The opinions expressed are that of Matt Leonard and not necessarily those of Expedia, Trip Advisor or Cruise Critic.
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          • Gerald Weber

            I never really thought about it but my Twitter profiles already seems to rank on Google for my name. I already had the title done as you describe here. Now I just need to refer to myself in the 3rd person. Gerald is a nice guy. Gerald is an SEO from planet earth um I mean Houston. 😉 he he just kidding.

          • Idris

            That’s simple but wonderful tips to make your twitter profile rank better.


          • Drew Stauffer

            Great post Matt. After looking at my profile I saw a few things I could optimize a little better.

            Good stuff.

          • Michael Flint

            We have a lot of traffic come to our web site from Twitter. SEO for twitter just makes sense.

          • Justin Freid

            Great tips – I had not thought of the bio as the metatag for my twitter page. Similar to what you mentioned above I have put links on my LinkedIn profile, blog and other social networking sites with my name as the anchor text.

          • Holly – The WorkatHome Woman

            Great points!

            I have my Twitter account optimized for my website. I also have included my Twitter URL in my Facebook, LinkedIn and Blog Catalog profiles.

          • Scott Boren

            I tried to make the name change as suggested but have limited space. I only get “Scott Boren (scottbo” then it cuts me off. Can you tell me what I did wrong?

          • Ben- The Real Estate Syndicator

            Twitter is very misunderstood! The value it can bring is enormous…keeping it simple always works!

            Nice post Matt!

          • Bingo

            Great and Simple tips. Thanks Matt.

          • Garrett Pierson

            Great Post Matt!

            Twitter has become an amazing tool to help build relationships and thanks for the tips to help with SEO and gaining even more traffic through the search engines.

          • David Zoffer

            All hail the Twitter King! Good stuff, man. I’ll give it a shot.

          • Or Hillel

            Great tips, the most importnet thing is links. You need to get more and more and your twitter SERP will be good.

          • Brian Hancock

            Nice post. A couple of points:

            – Links from other twitter pages to yours will only really do anything if you’re towards the top of their list. Otherwise the link is buried on their followers list page, possibly several clicks deep. (yahoo didn’t pickup any to my twitter profile)

            -Don’t forget Twitter directories – when you register your profile on sites like twibs, etc., you can get backlinks that way.

          • Marty Martin

            Hmm…google isn’t using my Bio for my meta description but some default Twitter promo text…suggestion?

          • Dana Lookadoo

            Great tips, Matt!

            I never thought of looking at inlinks on Site Explorer! Yahoo! offers a Twitter stats tool! 🙂

            Wanted to add to discussion about changing username. I shortened mine from @danalookadoo to optimize & have more room for RTs, etc. However, I lost all SERP value. Twitter doesn’t offer 301 redirects to indexed tweets. If you change username, ALSO, sign up for the “original” user name as a separate profile. Then put your new user name link in the bio link.

            Again, nice post!

          • John Millen

            Great tips, Matt.

            For SEO of my professional brand, I use my real name as my Twitter screen name and my brand (which is Top Communication Coach, shortened to TopComCoach) as my “real” name. I’ve had great SEO with this approach.

          • Alejandro Sacasa

            I have the same problem described above by Scott. Any way around this?

          • Kristen Shue

            Why didn’t the three names referenced above, Lee, Chris, and Lyndon – link to their Twitter profiles? One of them even returned a 404.

          • avvocato spagna

            very interested. i´m gonna change a couple of things based on your tips

          • Stephanie Woods

            Scott and Alejandro – it`s either a Twitter issue you are having, or your name has too many characters to fit (unfortunately). Alternatively, ensure that you are attempting to change your name and not your username.

            I personally am unable to change my name to Stephanie Woods to show up on my Twitter profile as it still shows steph_woods. However, because I changed my name it does show up in the search engine results pages as `Stephanie Woods`.

          • David Dugay

            My twitter page already ranks very well for my name. But there were still a couple of tips that I can use from this article.

          • Tom Duong

            I have the similar results like David, but the tips are beneficial for all tweeples alike, especially the ones that are just starting out.

          • David Bruce Jr

            Thanks for these great tips!
            I thought I’d optimized for the keywords I wanted to be found under but have been ignoring optimizing for my name.

            I did a quick check and Googled my name and my facebook account shows up #2 worldwide!

            I should have thought of this… when I’m checking someone out to see if I want to have anything to do with them I Google their name.

            Landscapers often have crappy yards… this SEOer forgot to optimize his own name!!

            That problem is solved now thanks to this post

          • Matt Leonard

            Thanks, David. I’m glad it helped. On the subject of your name, you may want to add it to Google Profiles as well. It’s another easy way to control your Page 1 name rankings. If you’re unfamiliar, Google ‘me’ when not logged into a Google account and click the paid link for google/com/profiles. From there, you can add your info. You can Google my name ‘Matt Leonard’ and you’ll see an example at the bottom of Page 1.

          • MikeM

            Good stuff. Thanks for the excellent tips. Also found the Comment about Google Profiles interesting.

            Hmmm. This idea of speaking about myself in the 3rd person is starting to grow on me…

          • @steveplunkett

            Good Article.
            Good Company on the link test.

          • SEO_Dr

            Yes this interesting. I have been examining some top SEOs profiles (not just Twitter) and they can be interesting. Especially if the profile link is dofollow – it would be worth building link to the profile.

          • wordpress review plugin

            Very creative tips ! never knew you can also the twitter profiles.

          • Saptarshi

            One problem is when you have a big name – twitter Title has got some character limits and it cuts off the name at a certain number of characters. For example My full name is “Saptarshi Roy Chaudhury” but my twitter profile displays only “Saptarshi Roy Chaudh” as a result it doesn’t show up for a search on my name. Probably the only way to overcome this would be to drive keyword targeted anchor text links to the profile page

          • Marketing Guy

            Excellent tips! Especially the one about linking to your Twitter profile sometimes instead of just always your website pages.

            I also recommend putting a good picture icon up. People with a real picture seem to get quite a lot more followers than someone with an empty pic.

          • Sethuram

            I am linking my profile here with my name 🙂 .Thanks for your tips.

          • Dexter Cornell

            Writing “insure” when you mean “ensure” is bad enough but misusing “infer” should be a capital offence. Haven’t you even seen DOA?

          • Mitey

            helpful tips, thanks! Will get on with it and add your follow suggestions

          • Scott

            I’ve also seen the most recent tweet listed as the “description” (from whenever the page was indexed).

          • France


            I don’t read english very well.
            I don’t know where you find this

            3. Build ‘followers’, links and PageRank.


            Thank you and excuse my english.

          • Matt Leonard

            3. Build ‘followers’, links and PageRank. Build “suiveurs”, des liens et de PageRank.

            Twitter will internally link your ‘followers’ to your profile. Twitter interne sera votre lien “suiveurs” à votre profil. Higher PageRank ‘followers’ can give your page a boost as well. PageRank supérieur «adeptes» peut donner un coup de pouce de votre page aussi. As always, you’ll pick up outside links naturally if you tweet high quality content just as you would with conventional SEO. Comme toujours, vous allez chercher en dehors évidemment des liens si vous Tweet contenu de haute qualité comme vous le feriez avec les SEO.

          • Zach Roth

            Great post Matt. You know what also seems to help build PR and backlinks to twitter pages? When peple add you on FriendFeed!

          • France

            Hi Matt,

            Thank you for your answer.

            But I don’t know where I find that we see on the picture.

            Thank you

          • Matt Leonard


            #3 picture is from Yahoo Site Explorer.


          • France


            Thank you very much

          • Tom – New Evolution Designs

            Good post! The title optimization was great idea!!!

          • escorts

            im gonna do that know

          • Tommis Dart

            very good 4 simple tips, now i am trying to do with my twitter

            P.S. thx Matt, i followed you in twitter, now waiting for your posts 🙂

          • Vance

            Thanks Matt,

            I enjoyed this post and will be putting what I read to action today.

          • Vickie Smith-Siculiano, PMP

            Never thought of making my twitter profile SEO friendly, but why wouldn’t I really? It comes up on Google! Thanks for the tip!

          • Priyesh das

            Thanks for sharing. Very useful post. my twitter id is @priyeshdas

          • Louis Halpern

            Some good reputation management tips here.

            Always nice to get another expert’s perspective.

          • Indu Priya

            wow, I am using twitter to get leads. But never thought it can be used for SEO too.

            Thanks for the article.

          • New City Moving

            Awesome post, after a could changes to my twitter settings, and some blog posting with anchor text, I noticed big changes!

          • webandrank

            Is part of the natural SEO and is look like ” i know is logical” but first is some stuff you have to do, second you hve to do well.

          • webandrank

            Is part of the SEO natural so is look like ” i know is logic ” but first you have to do and second you have to do well.

          • Los Angles Cosmetic Surgery

            We are trying to rank our twitter as real time search bar on Google seems to take this into consideration

          • Los Angles Cosmetic Surgery

            We are trying to rank our twitter as real time search bar on Google seems to take this into consideration

          • Andrew Mooers

            Thank you for ways to improve, tighten up the Twitter platform, how to remove slack and maximize the experience, power of the social media site.

          • Caleb

            I agree these four things will help. I don’t think this is really relevant though because if your Twitter is big enough to be ranked then you will be famous and people will just search your name or the company name with Twitter at the end which will surely bring up your Twitter profile.

          • Steve SEO UK

            I have had a Twitter Profile for a couple of years now and find myself on the first page of Search Engine Results. My Profile Name includes my niche so I rank for that too. Just by interacting with following, RTing, metions etc I have build a genuine following of over 27,000. So you don’t have to use spammy methods to achieve a successful Twitter Marketing strategy. Thanks for the great info Matt 🙂