Twitter Search Gradually Becoming a Real-Time Search Engine

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Although Twitter’s search market share is not significant enough compared to other search engine, it is still interesting to know that gradually Twitter search is becoming a real-time web search engine. After all, the Twitter Public timeline is part of the web. So, it is but logical that searches conducted on Twitter search should also be measured and interpreted.

Citing Citigroup’s analysis, an article at Mediamemo notes that Twitter-related search in May was registered at 30.1MM, with 4.2MM searchers, and 39.4MM result pages. While this only converts to .001 percent of the overall U.S. market share, it is worthwhile to note that this figure has even surpassed Time Warner Cable’s 22.2MM searches.

Clearly, Twitter’s effort at enhancing it’s search facility is paying well. And given its steady growth, in terms of userbase and page views, it would be just a matter of time before Twitter search becomes a big threat to Google and other search engines.

The ball is now on Twitter’s fence. Surely it needs to spike up its search feature some more with enhancements and usability that propel its search volumes. If it succeeds in increases search share, by then it could be a viable acquisition for either Microsoft or perhaps Google.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • in some time it will became more popular that some of th search engines. but i don’t want twitter be a search engine.

  • Ofcourse as Twitter is also now have a huge database and you find most of the people profile on Twitter.

  • Great post. I actually experienced this for the first time when I did a Twitter Search on the new iPhone software update. I think it work well for providing me with a quick update. But when I need more information, I’ll use Google.

  • Isaac

    Real time search does not exist yet. As long as the search engine is between the users and the websites it is not called Real Time Search. I have the patent for it and will bring it out to the search market soon.

  • Friendfeed has always been realtime..i dont know why ppl…get excited about twitter’s real time features…just try friendfeed and you will forget twitter.

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