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Twitter Rolls Out ‘Show Latest Tweets’ Button

Twitter now offers a way for users to quickly toggle between latest tweets and top tweets.

An update rolling out today on iOS adds a button to the top right-hand corner of the app while viewing the timeline.

Just tap it to switch to a reverse-chronological feed, and tap it again to go back to the algorithmic feed.

See an example below:

Twitter announced back in September that it was working on offering this feature.

At that time, the company said it would be available within a matter of weeks.

Well, weeks turned into months, but now it’s finally here.

Early adopters of Twitter will remember the timeline was reverse-chronological for years by default.

In an effort to attract more casual users, Twitter eventually introduced a Facebook-like algorithmic feed.

Showing users what they’re most likely to be interested in has proven to be a successful move for Twitter, increasing both engagement and conversions.

However, there is still a demand to see the most recently published tweets.

In certain instances, such as a breaking news situation or sporting event, the latest tweets are what users would prefer to see first.

Twitter’s priority will still be surfacing top tweets, which means users will periodically have to re-enable the ‘latest tweets’ feed.

At least there’s now an option to immediately view recent tweets without digging deep into the app’s settings.

As mentioned, this feature is rolling out now on iOS, but is said to eventually be available on Android and desktop as well.

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Twitter Rolls Out ‘Show Latest Tweets’ Button

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