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Twitter Reveals Tweets With Video Generate 10X More Engagement

Twitter Reveals Tweets With Video Generate 10X More Engagement

Twitter has revealed that adding video to a tweet can attract ten times the engagement as a tweet without video.

That’s helpful to know, but what if your business is not a media publishing powerhouse?

Well it turns out that video captured with a cellphone can be just as engaging as video that’s professionally produced.

“Your phone is a fully capable multimedia studio in your pocket, giving you everything you need to create compelling content on the go.”

With that said, Twitter offers the following tips for building up your visual library.

Create Original GIFs

Rather than using an existing GIFs in tweets, Twitter suggests using original, branded GIFs.

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This is easier to do than most people realize. In fact, the iPhone’s Photos app has the built-in capability to turn a video into a GIF.

There are numerous other GIF-making apps out there to help simplify the process, depending on the type of phone you have.

Twitter cites a study that determined tweets with a GIF generate 55% more engagement than tweets without a GIF.

Invest in Phone Accessories

Phones can only do so much on their own, regardless of how good the onboard camera is.

To stretch the capabilities of your phone when it comes to capturing video, Twitter suggests investing in third-party accessories.

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Such accessories could include attachable lights, lenses, and external microphones. A gimbal is also a inexpensive accessory that can be used to stabilize motion and create crane-like sweeps.

Screen Recordings

Video can be created without a lens at all by utilizing your phone’s screen recording feature.

Screen recordings make for particularly good content when demonstrating how to do something technical, such as using your phone to turn a video into a GIF.

For more tips, see Twitter’s best practices for video.


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